I was starting to wonder…

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yeh, If for example you slay the BanditChief but don’t loot his corpse, and go get the item from the chest, then go back and loot his corpse … bam 2 Holy Symbols


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according to Gribo the camera issues with these placeables were due to missing collision mesh.


credits: Gribo

and kamal for the report


Hello. I would like to ask about nwn2fixes. Whether fixes can be made please

  1. Ford Locke crypt - fixes traps in corridor to not damaged enemies

https://i.ibb.co/Dz2hTpd/fix.jpg - screen

  1. Highcliff Catacombs - make to black priest equip and use maсe that he has in his inventory
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I fixed the warmace (hopefully) but not traps damaging NPCs.


I’m not sure how much of a bug this is, but I found a few missing spells from the illusion class in the ‘packspwiz7.2da’ file. In the ‘packages.2da’ file, this is the entry in the ‘SpellPref2DA’ column for the Wizard_Illusion (32) and Sorcerer_Illusion (40) packages. Here are the missing illusion spells:

  • Level 3: Mass Curse of Impending Blades
  • Level 5: Glass Doppelganger
  • Level 7: Solipsism
  • Level 9: Shadow Simulacrum

There are also some enchantment spells in the list, which I assume are there for the Sorcerer class since a specialized wizard can’t cast them. I don’t know if we can insert extra spell rows into the appropriate parts of the file. If not, I was thinking the illusion spells could be exchanged for an enchantment spell:

  • Mass Curse of Impending Blades – instead of either Deep Slumber, Heroism, Hold Person, or Rage
  • Glass Doppelganger – instead of either Dominate Person or Hold Monster
  • Solipsism – instead of Mass Hold Person
  • Shadow Simulacrum – instead of Mass Hold Monster or Dominate Monster


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tbh I’m not sure how those SpellPref2das work … eg. are they lists for player to choose spells from or are they spells that get assigned when auto-leveling? (looks to me like the former …)

thoughts: I imagine that new rows could be added np.

The problem of Enchantment spells in Illusionist packages should be addressed … like you say those entries shouldn’t appear for wizards, and for sorcerers they should be in the Enchantment package …

I’d try removing the Enchantment spells and simply adding the Illusion spells (w/ arbitrary row order) and give it a playtest or two.

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I think they get called by the LevelUpHenchman() call, based on the package you pass it. The packspwiz* files all have the same length, so I don’t know how well it would work to insert rows. I suspect that spells higher up (within each level group) get prioritized.

Ed.: Yes, my hunch was right. My illusionist wizard’s 9 first level spells were the top nine rows in the first level spell group in ‘packspwiz7.2da’. That allows them to place illusionist spells near the top of each spell level group and have the LevelUpHenchman call take them.

ah (it’s starting to make sense)

Are you working on a Companion/NPC that autolevels? if so, whatever you come up with/like/that works there for ya …

Yes, it’s for a spellcasting companion met at a higher level.

I tried changing the file and it works when I use the ‘Set to Package Defaults’ button in the Spells tab. Nice.

Ed.: But it doesn’t work for the autoleveled character. At least not at higher levels. Hmm… I guess it’s probably because the Arcane Trickster package spell tables ignore the wizard specialization.

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odd …

Here’s my version:


Probably better to test it with a high-level pure Illusionist character.

‘Wizard_Abjuration’ package uses ‘PackSPWiz2’. Replacing highest listed conjuration spells with the missing abjuration spells yields:

  • Level 8: Incendiary cloud (C) → Wall of Greater Dispel Magic (A)
  • Level 6: Acid Fog (C) → Superior Resistance (A)
  • Level 5: Lesser Planar Binding (C) → Wall of Dispel Magic (A)
  • Level 4: Evard’s Black Tentacles (C) → Greater Resistance (A)

I moved the replacement spells up the respective spell level lists as they are preferred spells for an abjurer.


Is that approach okay?


@rjshae will have a look and try to figure those SpellPref 2das in a day or two … (got em saved atm)


Here’s a more compact description, in case this gets added:

These are specialist Wizard spell 2da package files that are assigned by ‘packages.2da’ under the ‘SpellPref2DA’ column. They are used in cases of auto-leveling with the ‘LevelUpHenchman’ call. They can also be called by the ‘Set to Package Default’ button under the character’s blueprint Spells tab.

In each case, the stock 2da listings contains some spells from the opposition school and are missing some spells from the specialist school. I replaced selected opposition spells with the missing specialist spells. I also moved the modified rows up so the character is more likely to gain the spell on level up.

PackSPWiz2.2da – Packages: Sorcerer/Wizard_Abjuration (no Wiz Conjuration spells)
Level 8: Incendiary cloud (C) → Wall of Greater Dispel Magic (A) → row 20
Level 6: Acid Fog (C) → Superior Resistance (A) → row 53
Level 5: Lesser Planar Binding (C) → Wall of Dispel Magic (A) → row 76
Level 4: Evard’s Black Tentacles (C) → Greater Resistance (A) → row 94

PackSPWiz3.2da – Packages: Sorcerer/Wizard_Conjuration (no Wiz Transmutation spells)
Level 5: Shroud of Flame (T) → Arc of Lightning (C) → row 75
Level 4: Bestow Curse (T) → Orb of Fire (C) → row 91
Polymorph Self (T) → Orb of Cold (C) → row 94
Level 1: Enlarge Person (T) → Blade of Fire (C) → row 176
Expeditious Retreat (T) → Lesser Orb of Fire (C) → row 178

PackSPWiz4.2da – Packages: Sorcerer/Wizard_Divination (no Wiz Illusion spells)
Level 8: Mass Blindness and Deafness (I) → Power Word Petrify (D) → row 19
Level 7: Shadow Shield (I) → Power Word Blind (D) → row 38
Level 5: Mind Fog (I) → Power Word Disable (D) → row 73
Level 3: Displacement (I) → Power Word Maladroit (D) → row 116
Invisibility Sphere (I) → Power Word Weaken (D) → row 119

PackSPWiz5.2da – Packages: Sorcerer/Wizard_Enchantment (no Wiz Illusion spells)
Level 9: Shades (I) → Burst of Glacial Wrath (E) → row 4
Level 7: Shadow_Shield (I) → Hiss of Sleep (E) → row 37
Greater Shadow Conjuration (I) → Symbol of Stunning (E) → row 38
Level 6: Undeath to Death[1] (N) → Symbol of Persuasion (E) → row 50
Level 5: Vitriolic Sphere[1] (C) → Symbol of Sleep (E) → row 75
Level 3: Displacement (I) → Deep Slumber (E) → row 116

[1] There weren’t enough disallowed spells, so I picked the last spell for the level.

PackSPWiz6.2da – Packages: Sorcerer/Wizard_Evocation (no Wiz Conjuration spells)
Level 5: Lesser_Planar_Binding (C) → Cacophonic_Burst (V) → row 76

PackSPWiz7.2da – Packages: Sorcerer/Wizard_Illusion (no Wiz Enchantment spells)
Level 9: Mass Hold Moster (E) → Shadow Simulacrum (I) → row 4
Level 7: Mass Hold Person (E) → Solipsism (I) → row 37
Level 5: Dominate Person (E) → Glass Doppelganger (I) → row 74
Level 3: Heroism (E) → Mass Curse of Impending Blades (I) → row 117

PackSPWiz8.2da – Packages: Sorcerer/Wizard_Necromancy (no Wiz Divination spells)
Level 8: Premonition (D) → Symbol of Death (N) → row 20
Level 7: Banishment (D) → Avasculate (N) → row 37
Summon_Creature_VII (C)[1] → Symbol of Weakness (N) → row 39
Level 6: Legend Lore (D) → Mass Contagion (N) → row 53
True Seeing (D) → Symbol of Fear (N) → row 55
Level 5: Feeblemind (D) → Symbol of Pain (N) → row 75

PackSPWiz9.2da – Sorcerer/Wizard_Transmutation (no Wiz Conjuration spells)
Level 8: Greater Planar Binding (C) → Greater Shout (T) → row 19
Level 6: Acid Fog (C) → Extract Water Elemental (T) → row 51
Planar Binding (C) → Mass Bulls Strength (T) → row 55
Summon Creature VI (C) → Mass Cat’s Grace (T) → row 57
Level 5: Lesser Planar Binding (C) → Greater Reduce Person (T) → row 76
Level 4: Evard’s Black Tentacles (C) → Shout (T) → row 90
Level 3: Flame Arrow (C) → Mass Snake’s Swiftness (T) → row 119
Level 2: Melf’s Acid Arrow (C) → Animalistic Power (T) → row 146
Summon Creature II (C) → Snake’s Swiftness (T) → row 148
Level 1: Mage Armor (C) → Reduce Person (T) → row 176

Okay it’s done. Here’s all the files:


Whoops, I forgot to include PackSPWiz5.2da. Sorry:



keep goin ;)


During testing I found that Burst of Glacial Wrath is an evocation spell. It is mis-labelled in the expansion pack manual. (I was wondering why it was an enchantment spell. D’uh.)

Likewise, the 5th level spell Symbol of Pain is Abjuration rather than Necromancy. sigh

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if you want to keep tweaking things for a bit it looks like ill be preoccupied for a few days yet …

then if/when you have things pulled together upload a full zip …


Thanks. Yeah, I’ll go over these some more.


I found some apparent mistakes with the ‘Symbol’ spells. The ‘spells.2da’ file has them all categorized as ‘A’, for Abjuration. However, in checking the v3.5 PHB, these should be in different schools:

  • Symbol of Death (1175) – Necromancy
  • Symbol of Fear (1176) – Necromancy
  • Symbol of Pain (1177) – Necromancy
  • Symbol of Persuasion (1178) – Enchantment
  • Symbol of Sleep (1179) – Enchantment
  • Symbol of Stunning (1180) – Enchantment
  • Symbol of Weakness (1181) – Necromancy

This is why they failed during my testing.

The spell descriptions in the ‘dialog.TLK’ file (210903-210908) do list them with the correct schools, so it appears we just need to patch the 2da file.

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