meh but Okay, i guess so

I think it would only matter for specialist wizards. Right? Scrolls should still work normally.

I just wonder if (including Spells.2da) is going to create more problems than what we’re trying to solve …

that is, im not too worried about changing schools, I’m concerned with introducing Spells.2da to people’s /override …

Sure, okay. Maybe it’s just something to document. I know I’ll change it in my own campaign.

Here’s the updated files and documentation:


After a couple of tweaks they tested out okay from my perspective.


There’s a few mistakes in your list.

Curse of Impending Blades is necromancy, not illusion.
Shroud of Flame is evocation, not transmutation.
Mind Fog is enchantment, not illusion.

Description, designated school in spells.2da, and actual school in PnP all line up properly here.

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Thanks. These are actually mistakes in the manual. I’ll update the files.


Okay, starting over from ground zero. This time I’m working from the spells.2da file sorted on Wizard spell level, adding comments to the PackSPWiz file so it looks like the following example of level 9 spells:

           SpellIndex   Label
1	   73		Greater_Spell_Mantle_(A)
2	   122		Mordenkainens_Disjunction_(A)
3	   116		Meteor_Swarm_(V)
4	   443		Etherealness_(T)
5	   131		Power_Word_Kill_(D)
6	   463		Bigbys_Crushing_Hand_(V)
7	   887		Mass_Hold_Monster_(E)
8	   51		Energy_Drain_(N)
9	   44		Dominate_Monster_(E)
10	   190		Wail_of_the_Banshee_(N)
11	   158		Shades_(I)
12	   161		Shapechange_(T)
13	   193		Weird_(I)
14	   63		Gate_(C) --> Glacial_Wrath (V)
15	   178		Summon_Creature_IX_(C) --> Shadow_Simulacrum (I)

Conjuration is the opposition school for Abjuration, so I can replace the two Conjuration spells with unused spells as shown. This is going to take a little while.


Okay, here is the updated set:


The file includes ‘wizard.txt’ that should document the changes. Each spell name has been modified to include the school from the spells.2da file. I’ve significantly expanded the set of opposition school spells being changed. As before, specialist school spells have been moved up the respective lists. I tested each file in my module with a specialist 20th-level Wizard.


Thanks for fixing.

But i found another bug. When my character has class Swashbuckler Duelist with one rapier, amount of damage every time changed when i unequip and equip weapon. can it be fixed?

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do you have Kaedrin’s PrC Pack installed? sounds like it might be an issue with the OnEquip/Unequip scripts …

screenshots showing the before/after changes might be helpful

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Yes, Kaedrin’s PrC Pack installed, but i deleted OnEquip/Unequip scripts

And other scripts for normal working with companion and monster ai mod (readme)

May be this error is related to the ability “precise strike” - duelist level 5 This ability turned off when character Unequip weapon

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Try a short sword?

Try without anything in your override?

Can you post your PC for us to download and test?

What version of the PrC are you using?

Firstly, I love Kaedrin’s PrC.

Having said that, I think Kaedrin tried to do as much as he could while working around the exe. How this possibly relates to this subject is when changes were made to produce a different/more correct outcome, the changes may have caused unintended consequences elsewhere.

Example. The later versions of the PrC addressed players taking advantage of an exploit (in vanilla NWN2) when equipping items that increase constitution, allowing the effects to stack. Having to work around the exe, the PrC’s solution was causing my Khelgar to take damage/bleed out and die while going through a transition (under certain circumstances), when he should not have died. The quick fix was for Khelgar to unequip the +1 CON amulet before transitioning, then re-equip the amulet after the transition.

Basically, a “bug” needs to be tested with a clean override.

I’m not implying there isn’t a problem.

1). It would be great if Kaedrin returned to NWN2
2). We need a NWN2EE to truly get under the hood and fix things.


iirc, Tony’s CnM AI doesn’t want the call ClearAllActions() in the OnEquip script … and as Axe points out, "UseConFix" in the PrC Pack is problematic …

but simply disabling scripts is of course likely to create problems also …

Granted, what you’re experiencing (exactly) might be totally unrelated …

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From Readme companion and monster ai 2.8:

Kaedrin PRC pack 1.42.1 has an issue with a ClearAllActions in the player item equip
script causing problems with the AI. There is also an issue not related to the AI causing
hit points to be lost if equipping and unequipping constitution enhancing items. To work
around these issues, remove these files with an ncs extension from the PrC pack
installation: ccs_pc_loaded, ccs_player_equip, ccs_player_unequip, cmi_pc_loaded,
cmi_player_equip, cmi_player_unequip, k_mod_pc_loaded, k_mod_player_equip,

And i am deleted this files

Now i tested this in mask of the betrayer. Problem occurred when i get level 5 in duelist class and “precise strike” ability

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The proper way to fix that is to comment out the ClearAllActions() and recompile Kaedrin’s script. Because simply removing the script breaks several PrC feats.

same with the other files. u can’t just remove PrC scripts and expect Kaedrin’s pack to work as intended. It won’t …

re. Confix bug
you can try turning off “UseConFix” in cmi_options.2da

what happens with a clean /override ( or with only Nwn2Fixes installed )


Just too finish a thought:

The PrC’s CONfix didn’t just simply cause the dwarf to die, it was actually game breaking. By chance, the problem reared it’s head when the party transitioned to The Sunken Flagon and a cut scene was supposed to start immediately. The problem interfered with the cut scene and didn’t allow it to complete successfully. The game just stopped. No progression possible.

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Problem occurred when i get level 5 in duelist class and “precise strike” ability even with a clean /override and with only Nvn2Fixes installed.

Mask of the betrayer character Pureblood Yan ti Swashbuckler level 11 duellist level 5 in start game occurs this problem when i equip ana unequip short sword

If possible please make fixed Kaedrin PRC pack scripts

ccs_pc_loaded, ccs_player_equip, ccs_player_unequip, cmi_pc_loaded,
cmi_player_equip, cmi_player_unequip, k_mod_pc_loaded, k_mod_player_equip,

for companion and monster ai

I have been reluctant to release a modified version of these scripts since Kaedrin never publicly released them. I do have the source for the last publicly released version (before the call to ClearAllActions was added) that should have most or all of the features of the last version if you want it.