committed Tks.


added a file in the root-folder that will be used as a simple version string. Its extension is “.ver” and its name is the date of the latest commit.

So, by looking at the name of that file in your /Override/player-master folder it should be easy(er) to check if your installed version is uptodate by then glancing at the filename of the .ver file in the root of the github repo.

( ofc this assumes that someone [yers truly] doesn’t forget to update the filename … it’s not automatic. But I figur it’s better than digging through the commit history or whatever )

ps. sanpats recently fixed a dialog bug in Khelgar’s campaign dialog (viz, you should no longer be able to try to convince Khelgar not to become a monk after he’s already become a monk or decided not to. … hello!)


Heres what I meant;

I have not completed the squire quest and can still get the connections quest. The quest conditions need to be refined.


(should be) done. (But if the Disturbing Connections quest has already been assigned to the PC it won’t be removed – ie the patch needs to be installed before talking to Nevalle.)


Next playthru I’ll look.

Btw is there a fix for the many keep bugs?


Only a few ones. But most of these fixes (if not all) are in WRFan’s package.



This one? Doesnt look very good…


The “generic stronghold” should let you quickly test some proposed stronghold fixes.



Ok thanks.

Has anyone tried playing with the construct? Does it have attack anims with the other hand or it just attacks using the blade arm?

If it has both atk anims I thought of giving it an offhand attack too. But I am trying to figure out which action script to add into the upgrade dialog.


That would be great for another project (that I really don’t have time for :confounded: )!


Some bugs found in the recent dl off github;

Did the special mission deployments get fixed? the spec mission gets hung up if organize men is done mid mission.

The true name meeting cannot start until all alliance quests are finished, as intended by the devs? the khravler fella only reappears after those quests are done. Even when keep time is 72%


I don’t like this function,

// Handles Greycloak deployment - autodeploys if not doing something and
// determines results if they've completed doing what they needed to do.
void UpdateForceDeployment()
    if (GetGlobalInt(FORCES_DEPLOYED_DURATION) <= 0) // kL_TODO: Look into reversing these two blocks ->

    if (!ModifyGlobalInt(FORCES_DEPLOYED_DURATION, -1))
        SetGlobalInt(FORCES_DEPLOYED, FALSE);

am not sure why yet …


How about using the crossroad fixes from;




Comments on that were not positive. I only took a quick look but I wasn’t impressed either.


Oh dear, I thought the crossroad fixes in there were good. I’ll try that part meself and see how it works out.


They’re good, but need someone to separate them from other so called «fixes» there.


but its all in folders already, so just copy over?

oh and tor millows bug [cant speak in act 2] is still in the latest commit, so i got the dlg from plotfixes to fix that.


I would avoid WRFan’s fixes like plague. It isn’t as simple as just copy some of its files over, unless you know what’s in that file. I would wait for any bug to be fixed by this community pack, or being ported over from WRFan’s. The game is quite completable even without any fix, just nuisances here and there.


I agree. I can port them over later.


just spent ~3 days wrastling with the Keep …

the only way I can see to fix the bugs is to refactor the whole thing.

There’s too many bugs, and not just bugs but BUGS: i even found a TMI error

i suppose tweaks are possible, ofc tweaks are possible …

The thing is one has to be very careful that by fixing one thing, it doesn’t break or affect something else – the variables are overly complicated. It’s not so much a problem of spaghetti code as “spaghetti variables”


ref : nwn2.wikia.com/wiki/Crossroad_Keep#Bugs
( those are from an earlier release and many appear fixed )