yep & yep.

// Stores info on item about current possessor and slot equipped.
void RememberEquippedItem(object oPossessor, int iSlot)
    object oItem = GetItemInSlot(iSlot, oPossessor);
    if (GetIsObjectValid(oItem))
        SetLocalInt(oItem, LAST_SLOT_NUM, iSlot + 1);
        SetLocalObject(oItem, LAST_SLOT_OBJ, oPossessor);

// Stores info on all equipped items of possessor.
void RememberEquippedItems(object oPossessor)
    int iSlot = INVENTORY_SLOT_HEAD;
    for (; iSlot != NUM_INVENTORY_SLOTS; ++iSlot)
        RememberEquippedItem(oPossessor, iSlot);

// Restores item to slot last remembered.
void RestoreEquippedItem(object oPossessor, object oItem, int bReset = TRUE)
//  object oPossessor0 = GetLocalObject(oItem, LAST_SLOT_OBJ);

    int iSlot = GetLocalInt(oItem, LAST_SLOT_NUM);
    if (iSlot)
        AssignCommand(oPossessor, ActionEquipItem(oItem, iSlot - 1));
        if (bReset)
            DeleteLocalInt(oItem, LAST_SLOT_NUM);
            DeleteLocalObject(oItem, LAST_SLOT_OBJ);

// Restores all inventory items to equipment slot last remembered if any.
void RestoreEquippedItems(object oPossessor, int bReset = TRUE)
    // NOTE: righthand must be equipped before lefthand.
    object oLh;

    int iSlot;
    object oItem = GetFirstItemInInventory(oPossessor);
    while (GetIsObjectValid(oItem))
        iSlot = GetLocalInt(oItem, LAST_SLOT_NUM);
        if (iSlot - 1 != INVENTORY_SLOT_LEFTHAND)
            RestoreEquippedItem(oPossessor, oItem, bReset);
            oLh = oItem;

        oItem = GetNextItemInInventory(oPossessor);

    if (GetIsObjectValid(oLh))
        RestoreEquippedItem(oPossessor, oLh, bReset);


Good. Here are general scripts that need to be recompiled:

  • ga_remember_equipped
  • ga_unequip_hands
  • ga_unequip_slot
  • ga_reequip_all_items
  • ga_restore_equipped

Found a typo in your code:

    if (GetIsObjectValid(oLh))
        RestoreEquippedItem(oPossessor, oLeftHandItem, bReset);

Replace oLeftHandItem with oLh.


Tarmas house quest will clear if you enter the house 2x or more.


added fixes (untested) for Wizard’s Arsenal quest and Remember/Restore Equipped Items functs.

a) Wizard’s Arsenal quest should not be assigned if PC has already entered Tarmas’ house.
b) Handle head-slot properly. Avoid TMI error in RestoreEquippedItems().




Lol, dat jokers from OEI (see code comments).


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Boy George. More recently he’s been a judge on the UK version of The Voice.

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