NWNEE toolset error

I try to open my nwnee toolset and it gives me a error missing tlk file . How do I fix this issue I never have had this happen before . Not sure where to put tlk file and where to find the file that its looking for.

Hi. :slight_smile:

Googled and found a similar issue, where apparently the Antivirus program was the culprit via preventing nwtoolset.ini from being created:

Give investigating that thread a try, then come shout the results, please? :smiley:

@Dracdevilen looking at that thread, the first thing is to ensure that nwtoolset.ini is being created, as discussed there.

The second thing is to ensure that all your custom content is in the appropriate folders in Documents - see guide. In particular, that the .tlk files are in the tlk folder.

If you are migrating from Diamond Edition, that should be a simple matter of copying from the nwn folder. Otherwise, download from the Vault.

If you are on Steam, there are widely-reported issues with Steam Workshop. If you need to download anything from there, move it from the Steam location to the folders mentioned above.

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Thanks for all your advice I hope to get on this issue this weekend .

Opened toolset from toolset exe. guess that will do for now.