Nwnx_resman - anyone?

Would anyone happen to have the sources to a specific version of nwnx_resman?

The one I have prints the following log header:
NWNX base plugin
© 2004 by Ingmar Stieger (Papillon) and Jeroen Broekhuizen
visit us at http://www.nwnx.org

And has a file version of

I noticed that some of my area changes were not being picked up, delved into it and found that the library has a 512kb file size limit on loading resources.

Which means that it refuses to load are / gic / git area files if they are particularly busy / packed.

I tried the one from the nwnx_win32 github repo - but found that it doesnt seem to load nearly as much resources as my old one does.

I tried upgrading to Terrah’s nwnx_resources - but my server just crashes when I try to use that one.
When I compile it in debug mode - nwnx.txt log file says that the library failed to load 193
I think thats a win32 / 64bit thing

Not sure how to resolve that - I do compile for win32 - so that should be working.

This is all for 1.69 btw.

Well this is the NWN2 subforum so a reply might be delayed. Sorry.

Actually, according to the header it’s an NwN 1 forum… (maybe somebody moved it while we weren’t looking?)


Yep, It was me who moved it to the proper subforum. You can see it if you tap on the pencil button at the top right corner.

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Thanks. I figured I was just short of sleep wandered into the wrong area.

hi baaleos,

i’ve got a few versions lying around. the one i have that’s closest to yours is there were a number of re-writes since then, some of which made resman incompatible on certain architectures.

i’ve also had poor results getting resman to work on 64-bit. haven’t had a chance to look into it properly yet tho, so i’d definitely be interested in learning of your results.

please pm me if you want me to get you the source[s] i’ve got.

thanks guys for moving this
Yeah, I might have to look into a redeveloped version or something - I will let you know how I get on