NWNX2 Documentation?

Can anyone please point me in the direction of a tutorial or step-by-step guide to the installation and useage of the NWNX system for NWN1/Windows7?
I have been through all the articles and forum posts here on the vault, and the link to documentation on the nwnx.org is not functioning. Nor is any documentation included with the base nwnx2 download.
Any light that might be shed on this would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,
Mr T

GitHub - Daztek/NWNX-WSL: A brief guide to setting up NWNX:EE on WSL1

First you’ll want WSL, and there’s a link in the above article.

Good luck.

Thank you JFK, though I may not have made myself clear.
I work only with NWN 1.69 - not EE, and it looks as if the GitHub guide is concened with Linux, which is not my OS.
Anyways, thanks again - I’ll keep looking…
Mr T

alternative you can join my discord for community patch https://discord.gg/PKTW49BNgK

I still support my nwnx plugins for 1.69 and there are other PW owners running under 1.69 with me there so they can help you with other plugins

Thank you Mr Shadooow - exactly what I was looking for.
You ride to the rescue once again!
Best wishes,
Mr T