Nwsync crashes


i recently started playing on a pw that uses ee.
the server has pretty frequent content updates, so nwsync is being called frequently. for whatever reason, any time it tries to update, it crashes. this happens systematically and continuously. it usually takes me half a dozen restarts before i get all the content updates and nysync enters its ‘pruning’ phase. the errors i get are typically like this one :

nwsync download failed:
Transferring 25e8d901473cf96519c995818af1dac61ab14bbb failed:
HTTP response code said
error: 400 (The requested URL returned error: 400 Bad Request).

and as i say, this happens every single time i need to update. since playing on this pw was the reason i decided to start using ee, this is the first time i’ve encountered this particular flavour of torture, so i really have no idea whether it’s to be expected of ee, or if it’s a server thing, or if ‘it’s just me’ [that being said, i haven’t really tweaked anything on my end].

has anyone else ever experienced these kinds of problems ?

is this a feature of ee, or is it more likely it would be an issue w/the pw’s config [or mine] ?

any advice on how i can successfully get off of this joyful whirligig of fun ?

I have no knowledge of the specifics of NWSync, but is it possible that you are suffering from network issues? I have intermittent performance problems like disconnected TCP sessions that seem to be more about busy servers and network congestion during the day through evening. They don’t occur if I am working particularly early in the day, say 4 AM local (US east coast).

So maybe try running the updates during off-peak hours?

thanks for the idea.

i tried again in a different timeslot, didn’t help. however, that doesn’t invalidate your premise ; the server is pretty highly solicited around the clock. next time it tries to update and fails, i’ll hop on at different times until i find one w/only a few players online. last time, it took literally 13 connects before i was able to d/l all the content.

all that aside, the nwsync protocol must be pretty fragile if a little excess traffic is going to break it.

I found NWSync’s technical doc on Github. I didn’t read it in depth, but I would say that it’s not so much that the protocol is fragile as it is ambitious! :wink:

It says:

NWSync is heavy on CPU and concurrent connections as it tries to fetch files as quickly as possible.

Starting lots of connections under unstable or strained network conditions can lead to the difficulties you experienced. Processing constraints on the server could also be an issue since it is CPU-intensive.

As the project is on Github, you could swing by and open an issue there to provide feedback directly to the developers: Issues · Beamdog/nwsync · GitHub

you, sir, are a god ! :slight_smile:
thanks for that, i just looked through a bit of it. i confess i don’t know nimble [the language it’s apparently written in] so many of the nuances escape me, but from what i can see, it looks like the code on github isn’t the actual nwsync server, it seems to be more a collection of supporting programs for housekeeping / admin. there was a link to some documentation on the page though, and your suggestion to open an issue hits the mark. i’ll try that once i’ve collected my thoughts into something remotely resembling ‘orderly’… :wink:

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I’m glad I could help.

Also, as someone who’s worked in the open source software field, I really appreciate when people give feedback. Kudos!