Nwsync folder?

The nwsync folder has three sqlite3 files which I’ve been told have all of the campaigns, modules, hak packs, and everything else that is included for the campaigns and modules found under NWNEE’s Community tab. Can anyone tell me what tools people are using to work with these files, please?

Then download the required modules from Neverwinter Vault in their raw form.


Thank you. @Fester_Pot! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m way behind modern technology. Does the Vault have any tools that would work with these files? Two hours of searching online and I’ve yet to find anything online that would help at all. Though, I’m in the process of trying a few programs now. Files aren’t the smallest to work with and I certainly don’t have the best computer.

You can download the tools needed to view/modify these files at SQLite Download Page.

However I recommend first getting familiar with what SQL and SQLite are. This seems like an okay tutorial: SQLite Tutorial.

Sorry, I meant just go to the Neverwinter Vault’s pages for those Community Modules and download them manually if you want. They are in their raw format like hak, tlk, module you can open in the toolset.


To follow up on what @Fester_Pot said, if you just want specific modules or other community additions like CEP, you can get them here on the 'Vault.

One tool I use that works really well for both EE & Diamond is NIT by @Surazal

It uses a fair amount of storage to cache the packages downloaded from this site, but it has made it much easier to try out projects from this site and keep them from clobbering each other on my local system.

Thank you all for the suggestions. In some cases, I’ve been told by the authors that the content found within the sq3lite3 files is the most current and should run smoother. I certainly don’t meet the pre-qualifications for the intended audience to follow the SQLite Tutorial linked here. I was rather hoping it’d be a simple matter of using a tool, similar to 7zip, to extract the files. I should be able to use NIT to download and install much of this content found here at the Vault.

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