NWSync question


I work in spurts on my mod - that is I work for a while, then go do other things for a month to several months, then come back - rinse, repeat.

So, I came back after nwsync has been implemented into retail build. I saw the game was more stable for my intel, so I set to work. I did a bunch of building that I tested successfully. I hadnt looked into now nwsync works but I could put up nwserver and play on my own module. Then I changed the haks,

Now, I can still run around if I make the game MP through the game itself with “new internet game” but if I post my mod with the nwserver and try to log into it with the same machine, it tells me I am missing a required hak.

I have tried many things to eliminate this problem. I found out nwhak and nwexplorer can interfere with your system reading haks so I removed them. This didnt work. I tried reposting on the steam workshop and double checking the hak was correct. That didnt work. I tried uninstalling everything, both beamdog and my steam version. Then I reinstalled and rebuilt the mod from a basic new mod, loading my haks and then importing my old mod in erf form. Mod worked. But the nwserver still gives me this issue “Could not load module, Missing required HAK”

So, the two things remaining that I can think of is: 1) maybe because its nwsync now it needs to be from a separate device? or 2) Since NWsync was moded in -and- I changed my haks, I have to make some sort of nwsync folder. I looked up what I could find via google on nwsync but it just told me stuff for linux.

Can anyone toss me a link or help me with an explanation?

I’m not sure if that’s a nwsync thing. If you’re hosting the module, then your server is accessing/using those haks. When you attempt to connect as a client from the same machine, it is likely thinking that those haks are already in use and unable to connect. Not really sure, but just a guess based on my experience with haks and hosting servers. You might want to have a separate directory for your client side (or a separate for your host, depending on your preference).

Or, I could be completely wrong.