NWVault w/NWN7 or Black Hole skin: no link to old forums (?)

Hi, I cannot find a link to the old forums while I’m logged in using the NWN7 and Black Hole skins.
If I use Castle Vault or Garland there is one.

Please check again. I’ve added a sub-item to it. Sorry for the oversight.


At the moment there is no link to the old forums on neverwintervault.org, or maybe I’m just not seeing it. In some roundabout way I managed to access them though by going here:


I like the new forums and all but it would be nice to be able to go back and read old discussions.

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@niv since the old forums are read-only now (thanks) it would be helpful to include a link on the front page.

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I use NWN7. If I hover over the forum tab there’s a link to the archived forum as a sub item. Is that not there for other themes?

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That also works while using Black Hole.

Garland doesn’t have that hover option. In any case, newcomers are unlikely to find secret links of that sort, I suspect.

It’s not really that secret. Most of the other tabs/buttons in the top row have sub-menus too.

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Those sub-menus aren’t visible in Garland. Black Hole really isn’t an option on Android as it looks a mess.

A common comment from new players is that they can’t find stuff which (insiders know) is hidden in the side bars, so more hidden stuff in the top links definitely won’t help, especially if the skins don’t all have the same functionality.


By the way, how do you change skin on the vault? (I like the default one but it would be interesting to try another one) I can’t seem to be able to find it anywhere.

On the front page, lower right you will see a box that says Garland. Next to that there is a little arrow pointing down. Click on that you will get your options. Click switch and your done. Sorry I can get a bit wordy sometimes.:grinning:

Thanks for the reply!

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You’re Welcome andgalf any time. By the way did you like any of the back grounds.

I actually like the default Garland one the best. Black Hole and NWN7 is too dark for my taste. It’s easier to see and read text on Garland and Castle Vault IMHO. The good thing about NWN7 and Black Hole, is that there you can access the old forums (when you press the Forums button you have a choice to read the old archived forum), apart from Garland and Castle Vault.