Object Transformation & The "Z" Axis

 Gotta a walkable science tube placeable that I've placed a shrunken Meenlock model in, so he fits nicely in the tube.  I've elevated him a bit so that he appears to be floating inside of the tube.  How do I keep him from returning to the floor when he spawns.  Any tricks up your collective sleeves?
 Oh, I've frozen his animation thinking it might help but no dice.  I've noticed placeables can remain suspended in air.  But it would appear on it's face that critters can't.  

Thanks guys…

Adjust Location offers two ways of changing the z position in the toolset. You can change the actual position by increasing the z-axis value, or change the apparent position using a z-translation.

For creatures, the former is ignored on spawning, so try the latter. That will work IIRC, but, If not, do a z-translation by script after spawning.

Technically, the reason for this behaviour is that in game the actual position of a creature must be on the walkmesh.

Thanks Proleric! It worked and was easy enough. Took me all of 10 seconds! No scripting necessary.