OC and MOTB timeskip

Anybody know how much time passed between the fall of the King Of Shadows and our awakening in the Barrow? I’m going by a hunch when I say it might’ve been at least three days, but I could be wrong.

R-Mod, I believe you are correct it is about three days.:grinning:

Word? I was thinking someone would have a different opinion. I mean, it seems likely, but still, I’m usually in the wrong. Or at least get told I am.

I thought it was several hours or a full day/night cycle.

I’m sure if it were just hours we’d’ve been much more exhausted than we were for just a poorly stitched wound on the chest. Then again, we only needed five seconds to recover completely back in the OC. But thinking about it, the Founder probably would’ve wanted to wait some time before sending Safiya to be absolutely certain the curse possessed us and that we weren’t taken out of the barrow too soon.