OC bugs - roster member does not appear

I recently got another request to fix a roster member who failed to appear in the OC. When a roster member fails to appear, the OC breaks. I believe its .ROS file goes missing in the /saves folder … for whatever reason

A workable fix simply removes the member from the roster and re-adds it, in the script before the member/companion engages the PC in dialog and joins the Party. Here are the fixes that are done and have been tested →

Bishop – before the Flagon attack

Casavir – fighting orcs in the Mountain Pass

Ammon Jerro – in Jerro’s Haven

Sand and Shandra – after rescuing Shandra

Zhjaeve – in Brelaina’s office

Perhaps these should go in Nwn2Fixes (they’re unlikely to hurt anything) but atm the failure of the .ROS files is a very uncommon bug /idk … id like to know what’s really causing this (these are actually just workarounds).