Occultist core class for EE

I’ve just posted Beta 3 of the Occultist core class for EE:

Thanks to everyone for their interest over the last four years as well as your patience. This class is not a priority for me, but I will try to support it as I can.

You fell for that noob trap with “this is first release” button so it is not visible on frontpage. Try edit your project and check the button in right top corner.

Ok so I checked the screens and description.

So basically this is a copy of Warlock class right? Spells are named a bit differently and the selection is bit different, but other than that it works exactly the same as Warlock as far as I see.

And Warlock is already in PRC. But no problem with that, PRC is monolithic package and it is extremely hard to just use single class you want from it.

I also wanted to add Warlock to my server, but since NWN-EE doesn’t support unlimited spellcasting via spellbook as seen in my 1.69 project PRC-Lite, I decided it is not worth it due to the numerous issues with feat selection. Did you solve the issue where player can trade “spells” for any feat that the class has as a bonus including epic ones if the class is taken at epic levels?

As far as using bonus feats for incantations, I could restrict them to class-only (value of 2 on the list column in cls_feat_*.2da) like the Ranger favored enemies. But given how difficult it is to acquire very high level spells (9th level spells require 17 levels of occultist, a 19 in Cha, Int, & Wis, + 20 ranks in Lore & Spellcraft) I don’t see this as an issue. At 1st level a standard 30 point buy gets a 16 in Cha, & Int, but only a 15 in Wis. By 17th level, they get an additional 4 points which brings them to a 17 in those scores which grants access to 7th level spells. So by that level, they are behind the power curve and it only gets worse. At 21st level, the player has to decide between boosting their scores with feats or taking spells. It’s impossible to get 9th level spells at 21st level without cheating or +ability score magic items.

So if anything, I think the occultist is under-powered compared to all other spellcasters.

And by the way, the project appears on the home page now without my editing anything. I guess there was a delay.

I am not sure you understand. If you define the feats as value 2 in cls_feat_.2da then whenever you are levelling the class and you get to choose bonus feat, you can also take any other feat that is defines in cls_feat_.2da with value 1. In case of ranger it means that if you take 1st/5th/10th etc. level of Ranger after level 20 you can substitute the favored enemy with any epic bonus feat that Ranger has defined. This is known exploit that most players and builders treats as feature.

Unless the class doesn’t have epic progression it will have the same issue and player will be able not to take any incantation and take epic feats instead. I am simply suggesting that if you didn’t know about this issue that you should make sure this is not possible to do (assuming you also think it is exploit and not a feature). The only method of dealing with this is force the player to redo the level.

No Fester Pot simply checked it for you. I have the same rights and was tempted to do it for you, but figured it would be better if you do it yourself.

For the first 20 levels, the values of 1, 2, & 3 work as intended. But you are correct that at epic levels, feats from list 1 are treated as list 3 and thus are available as class bonus feats. I didn’t know that as I rarely play and never design in the epic levels. Thanks for that tidbit. With regards to the Occultist, I see it as a feature because of the need to pump Cha, Int, and Wis quickly.

And to think that for the past 8 years, I didn’t know about the New Project button. That all this time it was the work of the elves like @Fester_Pot ! I suppose I should thank you for pointing that out, but I fear that like the Cobbler’s Elves, now that I know the truth, they will never help me again!

It’s actually a check box at the top-right when you create (or if necessary edit) a project.