Odd objects: ornate sculpture, delicate totem

I’ve found several of these objects in my wanderings; do they have any purpose, other than cash? I don’t see any references to them, at all, in online searches…

i think they’re just cash items (unfortunately)

That’s disappointing; they sure sound like something special !!


You must be in SOZ. Replaying the SOZ holiday expansion project now. I just received them.:rofl: Yes their only for cash.

Ornate sculpture has a small button. Pressing it will cause a random person somewhere in the realms to develop an insatiable urge to redecorate. Lose it at your peril.

Delicate totem causes nearby cats to start preening then gather together and howl for hours.


I would be very happy if the cats that I’ve been encountering, would at least acknowledge my attentions !!! :smile: