Offline open source PW suggestion?

Hello, would anyone be able to suggest some nice open source PW playable offline/in LAN with my husband, maybe with some housing ?


Arbor Falls - Lord of Worms Tilesets and Arbor Falls PW Server Haks | The Neverwinter Vault

Get v13.

I don’t remember if it has housing. It is a big beautifully crafted world with lots to do.


I second Arbor Falls suggestions.
Another one I’ve played with is Knights of Noromath:
Knights of Noromath Version June 2020 | The Neverwinter Vault

This one uses nwnxee, and requires more work to simply run and join in, but has a lot of cool stuff too. Area designs are pretty great, I find.

Have fun! My wife and I also enjoy tromping through offline PWs, including Arbor Falls.


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I downloaded v13 but the game complained of missing haks until a hunt on the wayback machine turned them up:
They must be somewhere on the rolovault too I’m sure; they’re just not easy to find.

Unfortunately this one is nowhere to be found…

I don’t like guessing about stuff, but it was available, and the poster had a different handle back then (or was a different person?), and made the PW available, both on the Vault and with a link on the Beamdog forum.
However, now the posts that used to share the PW have been deleted, and the Vault file is gone.

None of that is guessing, I suppose, just reporting. It’s a shame, either way.


Only one I’ve played that’s functional, had an actual storyline and working quests, was Rhun. I think the 2009 version was the one with the least hick-ups, but you still have to disable the auto-save feature, and I think the sub-races system was borked. World of Sanctuary is playable as well, but I found the respawn times unbearable. It’s not very polished after the first act, but if you’re just up for mindless slaughter, you may like it.