"Ogden's Tavern" from Diablo (1996) (For NWN:EE)

Ogden’s Tavern of the Rising Sun, designed in 3DS Max 2022 and substance Painter 2021. Still will be working on this model as well as reworking other models such as Farnum’s House, to be more realistic and add similar details as seen here. This model is perfectly scaled and optimized, and will have proper walk meshes for use in game. This is a 8-part model that will have to be put together in the AuroraToolset, but will be very easy to do, instructions will be supplied with the Custom Hak when it is created and uploaded for the public to use in their player worlds or campaigns. To accomplish creating the proper AO maps as I did, I simply baked normal maps of each piece within Substance Painter, using material textures complimented with their own normal maps, which allowed the final UV to have such normal map detail on each part. After reimporting this final UV, and baking all maps again, it added the material details to the AO properly, as well as Curvature, World Space Normals, and others. I will be uploading a video of this model soon. Textures will be 1K, 2K, and 4K, and soon as I figure out how to compress them to DDS, if they work with MTR files, I will.


It looks gorgeous! However, one drawback of using placeable buildings, is that they don’t protect from the elements, e.g. rain.

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Yeah true. If anyone can import my models into a tileset they are free to do so. :slight_smile:

Supernatural effects in a haunted house then - “Hey George, would you look at that! It’s snowing inside too.”


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I did realize though, it is straw for roofing and a bit of wet on the inside and outside walls. Lol. Least AFTER I realized the problem with rain coming through. Guess it was ment to be. “Bartender! I need a cup of wate…never mind”

The question is, will it be as clean as an elven arse?