OHS Henchmen the Linkboy problem

Okay I been thinking about how to get rid Linkboy but I have no experience on scripting BUT I’m determine to do script if all means to get rid the linkboy, I was excited about this mod but turns out the author didn’t mention you have additional companion who doesn’t help except let’s you hired and adjust companion.

I been thinking if I can try to have delivery boy to give me a summon stone that let me have options to hired henchmen.

That’ll be great if someone has a solution.

I looked at getting rid of the linkboy. One suggestion leaped to mind. Inside the void main you can add something like:

//OHS optional cleanup
object oPC = GetFirstPC();
object oLinkboy = GetLocalObject(oPC,"OHS_O_MY_LINKBOY");//this is how OHS finds them

Frist question, this is for version 1.6.1, right? Second question is it OHS_linkboy in conversation section where you are in basic tab? And third I can’t seem to tamper with linkboy due to the NPC being in standard tab (the one to create NPC or creature with custom tab).

I realize now that you were looking for an easy way to have the henchmen hiring conversation without the torch-kid. I would need to spend some time with the scripts to come up with a possible solution. The script bit I posted would need to be included in some script you would call to get rid of the Linkboy. But to have the conversation called another way would require a bit of tinkering.
On the other hand, the linkboy is (I believe) immortal and you can talk to him about turning off the torch. I seem to recall him even being able to turn invisible - but that could have been a spell I cast.

First sentence was my goal to have torch kid without having “a companion that still follows’ you” rather be summon by using a stone or something. That’ll be a relief if you’ll find a better solution.