Old and new forum posting

This is more of an ethical question. Would it be looked down upon to post the same topic on both the old and new forum to reach the widest community attention?

Should be fine. I do that when I announce a new release of something I’ve made and have had no complaints yet.


I’d say - use the old forum for now.

Spam posting gets no better result, since everyone is still following the original forum. It fragments the answers across sites, making it harder for others to learn from the thread in the future. Above all, it imposes more work on diligent readers, who have to read the same stuff twice.

I’ve switched the links around and we’ll turn the old forums r/o soonish.

Let’s fix all the remaining niggles and then hopefully you can use these new ones with pleasure!

That said, I see no harm in cross-posting (even if it’s just a “check here now for new releases” thing).

Would really like to see a Link back to the Neverwinter Vault so it feels like the new forum is integrated with the Vault.

Many thanks