Old IGN Vault comments?

Are they all lost? Or can the pages still be looked at with something like Wayback machine or so? Do the Vault administrators have a copy of them? Just curious.

At least some were preserved with the original project page. If you go to Index of /rolovault/projects/nwn2/nwn2modulesenglish

The most recent comments at the time the page was scraped were captured in the file “index.html”.

True. Sadly, all the comment pages except the most recent were lost.

For NWN1 modules, the link is e.g.

Replace 4869 with the Old Vault ID number quoted on the new Vault page for the module.

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I see. Well, that’s something at least.Thanks to the both of you for the explanation! :slightly_smiling_face:

With the flush of creation and actually getting comments, I saved the comments (including yours :smile_cat:) I got for Hrothgar’s Resting Place as an html page. As it is a more recent set of comments than what is saved on rolovault, I included it as an optional download on that project page.


Speaking of flush … blushes :laughing:

But wow, Eva Galana and QSW, those are two names I haven’t read in a while. I wonder how they’re doing. It’s great to see so many people from back then still being around and active in the community, but those who aren’t are sorely missed. :pensive:


Btw, would you guys think it a good idea if one were to transfer some of their comments and votes from the old Vault to the new one, if found, like “Comment from old vote [date]: [Text]” or would you deem it too anachronistic / outdated? I’ve played so many modules back in the days and also commented and voted on quite a few, but that was then and on the old Vault, and now some of the projects have next to no votes and comments here, and I have trouble remembering all my thoughts about them. Would you still find the old votes and comments helpful to have here, as a way to get some more attention to old modules or such?


Apart from it being so much work given the number of people around now able to do the work, I might find it useful for some of my projects. As an example consider Map Mats. On here there have been a total of just 3 votes (2 tens and an 8), while (at the time the snapshot was taken) the same project had received 14 (all tens) on the old ign vault.

But without automation (which itself would take some setting up) I would guess that such an endeavour is not really feasible. The same argument could be applied to your other query too.


Of course, I just meant it on a personal level and without strict commitment. Like myself doing it whenever I happen to find one of my old comments. And whoever feels like doing it, too, following suit.

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Trouble is that only the owner, moderators or admins can edit a project page. So if invited do you want the responsibility of becoming a moderator? Hint it is not down to me to give a yea or nay to this latter.


I assume you meant to post this in my “author” thread? For reviving the old comments, I wouldn’t need any special permits, it would just be a matter of copy-pasting in the comment section.

For the author discussion, it depends. What would be the specific responsibilities that come with it? I’m generally a responsible person, I think :innocent:, but I’m not sure I would be up for a commitment as moderator if it means policing the forums on the daily, helping with technical issue, or other things like that … I’d really just to be interested in helping to facilitate project searches on the Vault. So if that can’t be had without the other, I might just settle for how things are now.

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And reading the comments on modules too…

I have thought of an alternative though. You could create an article with links for the authors that you think deserve such work.


True. It’s not quite what I had in mind, but worth a consideration. :upside_down_face:

I found a few of my old comments and copied them over. In doing that, I learnt two things:

  1. I commented and voted on modules that I enjoyed a lot less often than I thought and should have …
  2. When I voted, apparently I gave much higher ratings than I usually do now. I guess that’s because the IGN Vault also dealt in decimals, so most votes were between 8 and 10 with steps of 0.25, and since everyone was doing that, everything below 8 looked quite bad already (whereas now, I think 7/10 is still a good vote, and 6/10 still alright). I kept the original ratings though, just rounding them off to the next integer, so I think most modules here benefitted from it. :wink:

If you have notes, comments, or other information I’d like to see it.
This is one of my projects and I am always looking for data. https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/other/tool/nwn2-module-data
I think adding comments, writing articles, or blogging helps others find the content that is of most interest to them.

I fear I only played and reviewed modules for NWN back then, not NWN2. :frowning:

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Well it couldn’t hurt to ask. But we can always use more well written commentary on any game version.

I did play and review The Wizard’s Apprentice 1 & 2 for NWN2 last year though, and according to your list, it appears you haven’t. Unfortunately, my memory is not the greatest, so I don’t know if I can be of much use to you there.

But I think the first one had no companions, the second one definitely had some, not sure if optional or forced, but they played an important role in the story, so you probably can’t just ignore them for the whole module. The second might have optional teen romance options as well, and it does not strip the player at the start.

EDIT: Oh, wait, no, I confused the beginning of part 2 with that of part 3. Part 3 does not strip; I can’t guarantee it for part 2 as it starts in prison; but I think you can get your stuff back. Oh well, really not much help, I’m afraid. :sweat_smile: Part 3 is not even in your list though!

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I have not played the first one in many years and could not get the second to run correctly on my computer. May have to try them again.

That’s an interesting idea that I hadn’t considered. I’d think it might be presumptuous for someone to do that for their own work, but I’d have no objection to anyone else doing it for me.

I’ve always regarded the loss of the comment history from modules on the old Vault to be an enormous tragedy. It represented years of the kind of community feedback and “social proof” that can make or break reputations and visibility for people trying to make a name for themselves on today’s internet.

I’ve looked into this, so I know that you can retrieve a fair number of those comments by checking each of the Wayback Machine captures of the module’s front page from over the years. It won’t recover everything, but it’s possible to find more than you might expect.