Old module, new revision - what to do?

Hey folks, I produced a module back in the original days of NWN1 and uploaded it to the vault, but it was not so much finished as it was abandoned.

To my surprise I found that NWN1 is still very much alive, so I decided to go back to it and ended up doing a major revision. I think the new version is ready for playtesting, but the module was put on the migrated vault by the migration wizard so I don’t have any obvious way to access the files.

What’s the best way to share the new version? Request that the old version be deleted and create a new entry? Or is there a way to claim ownership of the module so I can release an update? Am I missing something obvious?

Some help would be great.



I migrated the project over to you. Do as you wish with it.



Okay, wow. Thanks!