Old vault file request

Something called “Idillicus Subrace System” once existed and apparently had the following link on the old vault:

nwvault .ign .com/View.php?view=Scripts.Detail&id=2550

Is there any way to get a hold of that file?

I think it was packaged in the Developer’s Companion vol. 2. I have it on one of my old hard drives. I’ll have to look and see. I don’t think it made its way over to this Vault.

I guess that is the sub-race system both Vuldrick and I used in our building basemods. If you search for “Idillicus” those modules both pop up.

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Looks like it’s on the Rolovault also.


Yeah i found it on Vuldricks base mod. But i wanted to get it stand-alone instead of having to extract it from another module where it’s already implemented.

Cool. Think it’s the latest version? I’ll try to find out :slight_smile:

That will be the latest version posted to the old Vault. Rolovault is a trawl just before it closed down.

Thanks a bunch!

How do you find stuff on Rolovault? :open_mouth: is there any search engine for that?

You should really try searching in the front of house first. Most of what is in Rolovault has already been shifted to the “front of house”. To do this you are mostly better off using the search box that appears on most of the pages on here rather than trying the tag-based search found under Projects. If you know the author/creator you can browse all their works via their profile page.

If you must search Rolovault there are two ways you can search. If you know the type
(eg module/hak/erf/whatever) and the old ign vault project number you can easily locate the item as rolovault is organised so that the folder names under the project type are the same as the ign number. If you don’t have that number you will need to try a targeted google search like this.

https://neverwintervault.org/rolovault/projects/nwn1/: <whatever you are looking for>

You place the rolovault address terminated with a colon in the search box. Next a single space and finally whatever it is you are looking for. The address/colon tells google to only search that address and any child addresses it has.