Old Vault Reviews

Have individual module reviews by the guild been preserved on the rolovault backup ? I can’t seem to be able to find them.

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, Rolovault only has the most recent comments page for each project.

In the circumstances, of course, the wonder is it was done at all, so naturally we’re all very happy with Rolovault.


It is possible to find some of the older historical reviews (at least module reviews – I haven’t looked for the Reviewer’s Guild) on the Wayback machine.


Thanks, that’s too bad. I suppose that just means we have to write more quality reviews for mods here then.

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I did have a look once on the wayback machine for the RG, (Well for the reviews I had written at first, (vanity I know), but then for anything) and I came up blank. I did see a module page that had a wayback machine review preserved (One by Berliad, but I forget which, sorry) so maybe it means I just don;t really understand how to use the wayback machine?

When I joined the guild we had moved to a new site amd I think the reviews were linked to IGn (Or copied to the news thread?) so I very much doubt Rolo’s excellent work picked them up. A shame considering how hard everyone involved worked on them, but we are where we are. At least Rolovault preserved whether modules got a Reviewers award (Which meant excellence (at least 8/10 average for every single category, so if you didnt have say, custom music, you lost a lot you had to make up some other way.)) They were tough to get!

If it is recommended modules you seek tho, this thread https://steamcommunity.com/app/704450/discussions/0/1626286205687011593/ has a host of really good links, with some basic reviews/comments.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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Welcome back. It could be that you haven’t had the experience and/or have the sheer bloody-mindedness necessary to find things on the wayback machine. Having done a lot of searching for ancient scripts (amongst other things) on there it appears I just might :sunglasses: -

Hrothgar’s Resting Place Reviewed by QSW

The address linked to there is also available on the project page for that module of mine too.


Hi TR :slight_smile: Hope you are well. :slight_smile:

A mini review! Had quite forgotten about those. And by QSW, no less! A big thumbs up from a dragon is hard to beat. :wink:

Have fun :slight_smile: