OLM Buildings

Hi all, I encountered a strange problem here. I am trying for the first time ever to create an OLM. The tutorials are helpful, and I think I have enough modding experience to know what I’m doing. But it quickly became apparent that buildings don’t scale down with their doors.

See I am trying to do a village map that plays out in the form of an OLM.

I thought, it’s fine. I’ll just scale down the doors individually. I do it, save, bake and test. All looks good, I go to sleep. Today I open the toolset, no door is placed. I think ok… probably I forgot to save or something. I’ll just duplicate a door blueprint, scale it down, go around and place it again. I do it, save, bake and test. In game the doors are not scaled down. In other words, they are scaled down in toolset view but not in game.

Am I missing something?

iirc static doors do not keep their scale. The solution is to either remove the door, or if you really want a door, to use the placeable doors.


Thanks, good to know :). Never needed to rescale a door before.

You could always use static door models, but odds are that most players won’t even notice.

You mean won’t notice if there no doors at all?

At the scale of OM buildings, a missing door generally isn’t noticeable in my experience.

hmm, perhaps I did something wrong there as well. At a 0.3, 0.3, 0.3 scale, the rural buildings are quite visibly without doors. But hey, it’s just a small detail. They are all static doors anyway, since the point of interest are defined as visitable points.

Edit: What I meant was, that if I have one building on its own a doorless frame is ok. But a whole village is looks kinda lame. It appears I have 3 options.
1: Doorless
2: Non static doors which lead nowhere
3: Placeable doors

The 3rd option will be too much work since they won’t snap to frame. So between the other two, what do you guys think? What would be the least aesthetically annoying to a player?

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OLM only allows a view from one direction. Couldn’t you rotate the buildings so the empty door frames are not visible to the player?

That is a good call. I like the approach :slight_smile: . I’ll see if it’s possible. The rural buildings have 2 doors on two sides of the building. But I think it could work.

Yes, at that scale the missing doors would be visible. Most OMs scale down significantly more.

We do have placeable doors.

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debugmode 1
debugmode 0

Camera: switch to Character mode

( personally i’d try the placeables … they don’t have to be an exact fit … or just go without doors … although i agree it could look quirky in a town without doors )

How much would you say?

Do these snap?

Ah, yeah, that may actually be right. I just have my camera set fairly high. My smallest scale-down is 0.2.

I don’t know if the doors will snap. Probably not though.

Well, perhaps then I’ll try the placeables :). No pain no gain. It seems to be the only thing that will look good.