Omega Forge v2.3: how to modify it?

Hi again, I am using the Omega Forge v2.3:
According to this system, the maximum Enhancement bonus is +10. How can I modify it to have also +11 and +12?

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Since it is driven via conversation, it is best to investigate from there:

  1. Edit dm_forge convo
  2. Find Enhancement +10 reply
  3. Add +11 reply below
  4. Copy dm_enh10 script to dm_enh11 and modify it accordingly
  5. Use dm_enh11 as Actions Taken script in +11 reply

Repeat these steps for any number of bonuses.

void main()

Note that this may (and probably is) not enough to work flawlessly in this system. They may be checks for the enhancement value in other scripts and the item may be rejected if 11 is encountered when max 10 is expected.

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Hi, and thanks for your fast reply. This is exactly what I did, but it didn’t work…

How does it fail? Convo breaks or the upgrade is gracefully rejected?

Try following the conversation and look into the scripts that are executed along the way. Some of them should perform the check for parameter value. Make sure to also check the starting conditions of convo nodes.

You can put custom debug messages in the scripts to mark when and what is executed:

SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(), "Script: myscript, doing: something");
//SpeakString can be used too, but SendMessageToPC is more robust

I receive this msg from the NPC:
This will reduce the power <lad/lass>, I can do it for ye if ye wishes.

Item’s new Level =

This happens when
“int StartingConditional()
return (GetLocalInt(OBJECT_SELF,“Refund”));

I also added these lines to “dm_inc_forge” script
case 10:ipNew = ItemPropertyEnhancementBonus(11);break;
case 11:ipNew = ItemPropertyEnhancementBonus(12);break;

Did it work when you added the two new cases?

BTW you can wrap code in [code] and [/code] tags to make it display nicely on the forum.

Ops, sorry.

For some mysterious reason it worked.
I changed the AC bonus, the Enhancement bonus, the damage resistance, the spell resistance, but I can’t modify the damage reduction to +11 and +12.

dm_inc_forge is an include script so it may have worked only after you recompiled the project.

Anyways, try changing DR bonus +10 to +11 first, then try adding a new one. If that doesn’t work tell me which file you modified and when I get some time I may look into it.

Thanks I will try it and let you know!
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I am back. I changed DR +9 to +11 and +10 to +12. It worked!

Great. If you’re OK with that then the work is done, but if you want to keep the original ones then I guess all you need to do is to duplicate the replacement step into two new entries in the scripts you modified.