On the companions

In my past couple playthroughs, I’d been trying to build my companions in a way that fits their character. You know, from a story POV, not in-game. I’m about to replay the game, and I wanna build them right this time. It’s kinda hard, so I’m curious to any insight and perspective anyone may have. In short, I want us to discuss how we imagine the companions would fight, specifically the OC ones. MotB also wanted but not required, SoZ unnecessary but appreciated. MoW also appreciated, but I only finished that campaign once, so I don’t remember all that much. If your ideas for their builds include prestige classes, that’s fine too. It’d just depend on the character. Anyway, I’ll start with my own thoughts:

Khelgar Ironfist

This one’s pretty easy and straightforward. Our boy Khelgar loves charging in, taking hits and dishing them back out. His weapon of choice is obvious in his dialogue, namely his fists, though in true combat, as per his build, he seems to prefer using his dwarven waraxe. In all my playthroughs, I always gave him full plate armor and a tower shield. Now, I feel like that’d realistically hamper his speed, specifically the shield, since someone did a video on plate armor and it didn’t seem to affect mobility all that much. For his fighting style, he’d obviously just charge straight in and hack away at everything that moves. Maybe he’d try to keep his distance a little against bigger and more dangerous opponents, and maybe he’d eventually learn to think a little before charging in. But overall, he fits the definition of a tank perfectly. That’s all I got on him.


This one’s kinda tough. I know she’d put priority on her thieving skills, but I’m not quite sure about her in combat. I don’t know if she’d be willing to dedicate herself to more formal and disciplined forms of training to be a skilled combatant, especially since she likes to avoid fights altogether. She’s obviously sneaky, but I can’t get quite a read on what kind of combat style would be her. Same goes for the kind of equipment she’d use.


Also unsure with her, though she kind of seems to fit a spellcaster role better than a frontline combatant’s. I feel like she’d be the support spellcaster, casting healing, defensive, and offensive spells most of the time, and transforming to aid the frontal fighters. That’s about as much as I can think of, I still wonder about her choice of gear.


You’d think she’d be as straightforward as Khelgar, throwing fireballs left and right, basically doing nothing but blast and burn and blast and burn and blast and burn and blast and burn. Some lines, though, make me wonder if she has an at least above average intellect that lets her strategize a little and knows well enough to utilize non-offensive spells at times. I dunno if she’d keep her staff if given the choice, but I guess it’s standard issue for all primary spellcasters.

Grobnar Gnomehands

Yeah, I’ve barely any idea. I can tell he’d come up with songs on the spot to buff the party, not sure about debuffing the enemy, and I know he’s a genius at machinations and alchemy, but beyond that, I can’t really imagine him fighting. He uses a shortbow, but I can’t really put a finger on his level of skill with it. I also can’t figure out what kind of spells he’d normally use.


Pretty straightforward and simple. He’s a more skilled and intelligent fighter than Khelgar, so I can easily imagine him using a shield, especially since he already has one. He’s also already built with a warhammer, which gives him the fighting style of a generic paladin. He’s disciplined, well-trained, skilled, and can utilize healing magic and blessings in the middle of battle. I’m kind of unclear about some details, but I think I can see the gist of it for him.


Not so very hard either, especially with how much he talks about sticking things with arrows. A typical ranger. Sneaky, alert, deadly with a bow, resourceful, tactical, prefers to fight from a distance but is well-versed enough in CQC to handle himself if danger came close. Bishop’s a scout through and through, and it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to imagine how he’d fight.

Shandra Jerro

I always built her just like Khelgar, since I never had that much background on the classes, until now. Last time I played, I noticed how the game recommended me to style her for using 2 shortswords. That, combined with her high dexterity, make me think she might be a more agile and mobile kind of fighter (no pun intended). She’d be quick in her strikes, agile in her movements, and fight kind of like a ranger up close but more focused on the techniques and skills. I’m not fully clear on how she’d fight, and I can’t put my thoughts into words much, so this is the best I can say.


You’d think he’d be a generalist wizard instead of a transmuter, seeing how he likes to gather knowledge and power from all sources. He’s obviously a cautious and tactical kind of combatant. He’d very much keep himself as far away from the actual fighting as possible but would throw in spells that would work just right depending on the opponent. He’d want to analyze his opponent first before making any rash decisions, maybe even try and draw information out of them before the fight and observe the battle as it happens. I dunno what he’d use as a weapon, though. As an elf, he can use a longsword, and I remember making the dumbest mistake possible back in my first few playthroughs and giving him 1 in each hand. Now, I dunno if I should give him one at all. Even with Iron Body, I don’t think he’d want to get his hands dirty.


… Yeah no, not even getting into it, 'cuz I still barely know anything about the githzerai, and she doesn’t seem to be a very proper one anyway.

Oh alright fine, I’ll try. Um… she’s a cleric, so she’s the main healer… And… since she has the domain of Magic, she’d have skill in the Art, thus a proficiency in buffs and debuffs… And… um… she also has a spear…?.. And she can equip heavy armor…? Can’t imagine her in plate armor, though… And… yeah, that’s it.


Literally anything you command it to. Its description points out, though, that it’s agile, so it’d hit with the force of a tank, but move with the grace of an elf. I can’t tell much more than this.

Ammon Jerro

Poor guy got nerfed so badly by his granddaughter. I don’t know much about the warlock class either, but I can imagine him as a magical knight, especially with the intro. He knows how to swing a blade pretty will, and at the same time, he’d throw balls and rays of mana in his opponent’s face along with whatever spells that’d help him. He doesn’t wear armor, but it’s not difficult to imagine him in some.

I’ll do MotB later. For now, I wanna play me some NWN2 finally, after what’s like, 2 weeks of modding and preparation.


I never cared for how the companions were forced on you in the OC and then handled pretty poorly in the end. The explanation given in MotB was also less than satisfying. I tried to address much of this in my OC Makeover and MotB Makeover, including providing additional opportunities for Ammon Jerro, Shandra, Amie, Casavir, and Neeshka. If you don’t want to play MotB using my Makeover but are curious what I chose to do for them you could read the MotB Makeover walkthru.


Khelgar Ironfist is straight forward, although I never liked the Monk angle with him. I always played him as a straight up fighter. Early in the game I use the Dwarven Waraxe. Later I switch him to the War-Hammer. One his alignment doesn’t work as a Monk. He starts out as NG he should not be able to be a Monk. Khelgar is a Tank in every since. I always give him full plate and Tower shield. He is a fighter. Your forgetting one thing Dwarfs get bonuses against large opponents so charging into the Fire Giants is very much up his alley. Also I always give Khelgar the Hammer of Ironfist along with the Belt and Gauntlets.

I use her as a duel wielding finesse Rogue and she does well at it. Remember Weapon finesse uses your dexterity in combat. She even made a comment about this. "I may have accidently back stabbed a some people a few times but if they did not see it coming that wasn’t my problem.’ or something like that. This allows her to use her main attribute her Dexterity. This also helps with her sneak attacks. Also with Neeshka you could go Shadow Dancer or Invisible Blade.

You can use her as a front line combatant. As you can put her in Mithral Full Plate along with a Heavy Shield. Since as a Druid the Armor and shield does not affect her spell casting. As an Elf she also can use Long swords and Long Bows so that is a plus also. You also can go the Stormlord route with her.

With Qara I give her a Light Crossbow. I do not want her in melee combat. The crossbow, her spells and some scrolls only. The scrolls because she does not get much variety with her spells. You could pump up her spell power by going Arcane Scholar with her or maybe Red Wizard or even Red Dragon Disciple. If the later she can be used in combat late. Especially with the Breath Weapon. By 10th level her str could go up by 8 points as a Red Disciple and she becomes a Half Dragon.

Grobnar Gnomehands
Grobnar can become a Red Dragon Disciple also or an Arcane Scholar. He can use sound based spells, Illusions, Enchantments for spells. If his use Magic skill is high enough he can use almost any spell in the game. Since his Dex. is high he can use Weapon Finesse and be effective in a fight. As far as the bow goes put Feats into his Archer abilities. There are things he can do and do well. Like use Curse Song on your enemies.

I will have to continue this later.



  • It’s a given to give him (no pun intended) the Ironfist set, since after all, he’s the only one worthy, even if the KC is a dwarf. That’s pretty much how I do it, too. And he has instances where he seems more LG than NG, considering he has a strong sense of honor and dislikes thievery. Besides, he could change his alignment, though doing it at the drop of a hat does sound weird. And I can’t see him changing his style to a Monk’s, so yeah, keeping him as a Fighter is more fitting. I even cheated a couple times and gave him Fighter feats and gear even though he was a Monk. And yeah, good point about the giants. Realistically speaking though, you really think him using a tower shield is appropriate? Feel like he’d rather be able to swing his axe in quick succession.

  • I don’t see her as the type that would - or could - use magic. Sure, she’s probably related to Mephasm, but that doesn’t mean she inherited powers from him, besides unusual luck. Plus, he’s a devil, so if anything, she should’ve inherited infernal powers/magic from him, not shadow magic. Invisible Blade, makes sense but I don’t know if she’s that skilled or talented with the blade. I remember that line, but she is good at stealth, which would make it easy to stab someone from behind. But I guess it makes sense for the KC, if they’re a ‘skilled’ class, to train her and make her a proper fighter rather than some random thief. And maybe I can give her a level in Shadowdancer just for the Hide In Plain Sight feat. I’ll need to think on this more.

  • I know she can use that type of gear, I just don’t feel like it really fits with her character. I guess the Circle would’ve trained her in longswords and longbows, as per elven tradition, though I feel like she chose the sickle due to a preference for lighter weapons, but I guess maybe they just taught her how to swing a longsword but never had one available. And I guess giving her chainmail and such armor wouldn’t be a problem, since she’s a druidess and not a ranger, so mobility isn’t as critical for her. Always gave her that kind of armor, anyway. But despite her having shield proficiency in-game, I have a hard time seeing her as being adept at it. Maybe a light shield, but a heavy one is kind of hard to imagine, despite me always giving her one. Stormlord? That class seems to focus on thunder and lightning specifically, and Elanee seems to be more connected to nature, I.E. earth, rather than other elements. I mean she’s likely capable of wielding fire, earth, water, and wind all the same, but lightning seems kinda far from what she’s used to. Plus, to make her a Stormlord, she needs to have Weapon Focus in either spear, dart, shuriken, or throwing axe. Not only can I not imagine Elanee preferring to use any of those weapons instead of her sickle or longsword, but that makes it feel like Stormlords are shamanistic in nature, which easily doesn’t fit with Elanee.

  • Yeah, I can NEVER see Qara as someone who’d study. At all. So Arcane Scholar is easily out of the question, since that class is literally a spellcaster that cares to know all the tiny details about magic. Qara just wants to be as powerful as possible, uncaring for any form of discipline or control, preferring a very direct approach of attack whenever you see the chance. Red Wizard is also impossible, since she’s a sorceress and not a wizard, and it’s in the name of the class. And don’t tell me to multiclass her as a wizard, I don’t even need to tell you why it’s not an option. RDR, while it seems like she’s got so much power from a secret lineage, and many sorcerers tend to draw upon ancient dragon blood in their veins, other sorcerers draw upon other sources, and frankly, I feel like Qara doesn’t have dragon blood but is more connected to the Weave, kind of like Amie, given Tarmas at one point saw extreme potential in her. What’s more, her becoming an RDR requires her to have ranks in Lore, and we all know what Qara’s opinion is on studying. Plus, making her an RDR would mean she can go melee. As for giving her a crossbow, her Dexterity certainly isn’t bad, though I feel it’s more for her being used to casting point spells, I.E. ranged touch attacks, not her being good at a ranged weapon. I don’t want her going melee either, but I can’t see her using a crossbow, especially since staves tend to be enchanted to aid with magic casting, and maybe in-lore, a normal one can help a little in focusing on spells.

  • Yeah no, I refuse to ever think Grobnar is half-dragon. Also, it’s so obvious he’s not the type that’d care so deeply about magic to become an Arcane Scholar. I can easily see him having a really high UMD rank, therefore letting him read and cast any scroll, use just about any magical item, and tinker with any machine. His Dexterity is high, maybe he’s a good archer and has nimble fingers to tinker with machines. I’m still a little lost on his spells. I don’t know what style of casting I can see him using in-lore, not in-game, something I see you’d been talking about for most of this.

Overall, a pretty nice engagement, got my mind thinking about them. Thanks for that.

To continue: One Elanee as a Druid is extremely good at converting her spells to Summon Creatures or Elementals depending on what spell level she can cast. Also she does qualify at higher level to shape change into an Elemental herself.

You do realize that Neeshka is the second smartest companion of your companions with a 14 INT. Look if you wanted to she could become an Arcane Trickster. If you listen to her it’s more about opportunity then anything. She didn’t like Helm’s priesthood more than anything.

I’m just giving you ideas whether you use them is up to you.


I’ve never tried to use him as anything other than a Paladin. I take that back I think I did make him a Weapons Master and once a Divine champion. I just did not see a point in it afterward. I have given Casavir the monkey grip feat and had him wield the Halberd or a Scythe in combat with a shield.


I never use unless the game forces me to. I do not like playing evil and won’t unless I’m forced to.

Shandra Jerro

She can make a really good Finesse Fighter since they use light weapons. Unless you cheat to bring her back or Use Kaldor’s OC makeover. She just isn’t in the party long enough to become anything other than a Fighter. If you do cheat she can become a Weapons Master.


Sand by the he speaks in conversations is an Arcane Scholar. To me he is a Generalist like you said. Sand also ban be a very good Arcane Archer and it is a good way to keep him out of melee. If you keep him as a Tranmuter their is a really good spell for his spell book. It is called Tenser’s Tranformation. You should check this spell out although you have to be eleventh level to cast it as it is a sixth level spell. You could go the route of Eldritch Knight also if you wanted him in the melee, but that is up to you.


I only used when I had to I just didn’t care for her much. She can be used as a War Priestess if you wanted to. They really didn’t give her much in the way of a back story.
The Construct

The Construct I’ve never tried to use it can because I consider it to be overkill to be honest.

Ammon Jerro

To be honest this companion should have three classes if you go by his back story. According to his back story he should have Wizard, Red Wizard and Warlock levels. Yes he can be made into an Eldritch Knight. He also can be made into an Hellfire Warlock.

These are only suggestions I never said you should play any of them the way I have. Play them the way that is most fun for you and have fun.


I will give you my opinion on MotB if you or anybody else are interested. It is up to you.

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  • Ok yeah, I completely glossed over Spontaneous Conversion. I mean, her style of summoning seems more like literally calling nearby animals to her aid, but still, good point. Still need to think about everything else, though.

  • Kind of a good point, but the Arcane Trickster requires 3rd level spells, which means quite a deal of dedication to the Art. Never said she hated magic, but it just feels inappropriate for her. Your previous idea with the Invisible Blade seems more fitting.

  • Not very paladin-y weapons. Everything else, can’t really blame you. Though, his personal issues seem to be enough to stop him from becoming a Divine Champion, as that class requires heavy dedication to the deity, and I’m sure Casavir has way too much self-doubt to dedicate himself that much to Tyr. You know, I’m thinking of giving him a level in Fighter or something.

  • A fair point, didn’t use him in my first playthroughs either. Then again, I barely knew how to play at all then.

  • I could make her a Weapon Master, but I don’t feel like she’d be that kind of Fighter. So yeah, think I’ll just have her dual-wield shortswords.

  • Need to research the githzerai more first, but that’s not a bad idea. And yeah, you’d think they could’ve made her more than… Siri. I mean, they gave way more flavor to literally even Kipp, the kid that’s literally just there to make you pass the tutorial.

  • Silly green man. There’s no such thing as overkill. There’s only more kill.

  • I dunno about Red Wizard. Sure, he studied with them, but that doesn’t mean he specialized. He seems more like the generalist type. But yeah, he clearly should be both Wizard and Warlock, definitely also an Eldritch Knight and possibly a Hellfire Warlock too, though I don’t think he’d use hellfire that much. Of course, he should obviously also be basically beyond D&D leveling limits, considering that multiclassing in it is really restricting and can’t seem to unlock the potential one expects in someone like him.


Kelghar - He’s on a journey of self discovery. In the process of passing the tests to become a monk, a good aligned PC should probably be helping Kelghar realize what he can do for his clan and his friends by the time you get the hammer. The last couple playthroughs, I got him into hammer specialization early and made him a custom hammer two or three times until the hammer of Ironfist is recovered. I give his hand-me-downs to Casavir who I only take when needed. I take Kelghar as muscle on most quests. Sometimes, once I get him set up the way I like him, I start a fight and go get a beer while he kills everything.

Neeshka - There isn’t enough work for a rogue to keep her around all the time. I either give her a missile weapon so her high dex isn’t wasted or weapon finesse for backstabbing. The main thing I concentrate on is her morale so she can break Black Garius spell and side with the KC for the big fight.

Elanee is pretty versatile depending on which other characters you like in your party. Since she’s an elf, I often give her Zen Archery and equip her with the custom longbows my PC no longer needs after an upgrade. With arrows and spells she can stand back and cause a lot of devastation.

I find Qara’s voice set and personality annoying so I only use her for her specific quests. Then I take all of her gear away so she’ll be easier to kill when she turns on me. She’s written as a paranoid narcissist and in real life I’d send her to convent/prison/asylum before I’d take her into battle. Sorry, pet peeve.

Grobnar - Another annoying voice set but it can be handy to have a bard around so I usually find him a short bow or set him up with a sling and custom mithral shield. Once he gets his inspirations going I can let him shoot things and spam Haste spells for the party.

Casavir - Way too much emotional baggage but handy if the situation calls for a 2nd heavy fighter. Details as above.

Bishop - Another annoying voice set and dialog that won’t let him order a beer without sounding like a snarky jerk. Plus I usually have a PC with ranger levels so he’s redundant. It would be nice if you could get bonus points with him for returning his hunting knife after the trial but I’ve never gotten around to looking at that. I usually manage to have enough rapport with him that he leaves before the final battle and I don’t have to kill him.

Shandra - I agree she isn’t around long enough to put too much effort into. I’ve only used the optional mod to save her once and she was a tag-along for the most part as she doesn’t have any new dialog after the stronghold.

Sand - I like highly customized gear and he’s my main crafter. I make sure he has the spells needed to produce my specialized gear. I’ve toyed with giving him good longbows and loading him up with wands. I mostly keep him around for the sarcasm.

Zhjaeve - Because you fight so many undead she can be very handy. I concentrate on giving her the best spellcasting ability with a missile weapon as back up. Mass heal will fix your friends up and put your undead enemies down at the same time. Very handy. I also sometimes give her Craft Magic Arms and Armor as there are certain very handy effects only a divine spell caster can put on your gear.

I like the construct because it doesn’t talk and most of the special abilities of undead don’t affect it. You can’t do much to upgrade it though.

Ammon Jerro - Warlock invocations are all he needs. I make him good armor and protective gear but once I get his shapes the way I want them he’s basically a flame thrower.

Each of these characters has one or more issues with their character build that keep them from being as useful as they could be. I highly recommend Clangeddin’s Rebuild tool in your override to set the companions up to best suit your style of play. It’s especially helpful for the ones that join up late and have feats and skill point distributions that don’t help you at all.

My preferred classes are ranger, favored soul, and bard and I build my party to support that character’s journey. I try to role play based on the build’s alignment as well so I get some variation in party make up just through the conversations.

My two cents.


Since I wrote that at 1 am, it’s not my best work but a couple of other things come mind now that I’ve had some coffee.

As others have pointed out, a high level warlock is basically a walking deathray. The difficulty is to keep them alive until they get there. For lots of examples see http://nwn2db.com/ and its associated forum. Ammon Jerro is interesting primarily because he’s written as an evil SOB yet he recognizes the threat posed by the King of Shadows to all of Faerun, an intriguing convergence of goals important to all with horrible methods that literally destroy his family. I find him strangely sympathetic by the end.

There are only a few really critical fights that you need to plan for by having properly built companions:

The Dragon - You need to be able to deal with Dragon Fear and lots of fire. Casavir is the only one naturally immune to fear. All of the spellcasters should be able to cast Energy Immunity by that point. Sand should be able to craft Rings of Major Fire Resistance for the others.

The Shadow Reavers - The power wave they project will knock down even characters who are immune to conventional knockdown attacks. The best way to stop them is to knock them down first. Get Improved Knock Down on Khelgar and Casavir if possible and manage whichever PC has the Hammer of Ironfist to maximize the number of knockdown attempts you get. A Commander’s Ring can help too.

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  • Yup, sounds about right. :rofl: And I’d get him into hammer specialization, if there were a plausible reason he’d switch from his dwarven waraxe to a warhammer. It makes sense after he gets the Hammer, but not before.

  • She already has Weapon Finesse, though. And that’s not quite right. Pretty much everywhere you go there’s locked containers and/or traps. Even early in the game, in the Starling house and Pierson’s - the coward that wouldn’t come out of his house - there were locked chests. Either way, she seems more like she’s adept at using blades than crossbows or bows. Funny thing is, in my first couple playthroughs, I gave her a heavy crossbow. Don’t ask me why.

  • Well her Dexterity certainly isn’t bad, so that’s fair. As I said before, it kinda makes sense she’d be taught in elven martial styles, considering literally her whole Circle are elves. Something to think about, I suppose.

  • Understandable. She is very obnoxious, and meant to be so. Though, Garius gives her (supposedly, I dunno for myself) good equipment if you take hers away, so your efforts are (possibly) in vain. Anyway, I keep thinking about the kind of potential she could’ve had, considering she gets actually polite when you show concern for her. But that’s a whole other thing, I mostly care for her fighting style here.

  • His voice isn’t annoying to me. Anyway, I can’t really imagine him using a shield, and he’s already equipped with a shortbow. And do you see him as the buffing kind of spellcaster? That’s what I’m struggling with most.

  • He is NOT emotional baggage!.. most of the time…

  • Annoying literally everyone is half his purpose. And you don’t get anything out of the knife besides a free dagger, can’t even give it back to him. I leave it in his inventory still, though.

  • Eh, I give her fair treatment as everyone else: best equipment I can get/make.

  • You know, it’s a good point that he’d be the crafter of the party. After Grobnar. And you know, the longbow also makes sense for him. Dexterity isn’t bad in his case, either. Still wonder why he has a dagger when he first joins.

  • That’s all obvious. I’m just trying to make her fit with any little information there is about the githzerai.

  • Not like you need to, he’s a powerhouse already.

  • I don’t know much about Warlocks, so I can’t really talk.

I’m already kind of planning on resetting their levels anyway on top of the features they’re already specked with when they join. And my style of play is just… hit it 'til it dies… 'cuz I’m lazy and don’t bother thinking in most RPGs…

Not sure I follow here.


Not like he wanted to do bad things to his family, he just ‘accidentally’ killed the last of them.

Strangely, Tholapsyx was easier on me in the first few playthroughs. In my latest ones, she’d been a struggle, downing several of my companions before she finally goes down. Guess it doesn’t really help that I don’t really strategize and let the A.I. figure out what to do until I commandeer them myself.

The toughest part is the tight space. In an open field, they’re easy pickings like (almost) any other enemy. Garius is tougher, 'cuz in my first playthroughs (get used to hearing that), I managed to break the barrier with just hitting it, thus letting the whole party swarm him and his thralls and the traitors. Now, I can only get 3 out of there before everyone else gets trapped with the balor and get toyed with by whatever hits them then. The barrier doesn’t even break now.


One final point, Role Playing.

Where your vision of the KC falls on the Chaotic - Lawful spectrum should influence how you develop the companions.

Chaotic, ‘be yourself’
Neutral, ‘we could use more (…)’
Lawful, ‘you must’

Once in a while, forget you’ve played this x times already and ask how the PC’s alignment and choices up to this point in the game should influence which options you choose for each companion not just on level up but in conversations as well. I’d temper that by saying that some of the choices the dev’s included for conversations don’t make much sense no matter what the PC’s alignment but most players know that by now.

That’s pretty much what I was getting at from the very start. I’m basically trying to look at it from the perspective of the characters in the party, specifically each companion in question and the KC. For the KC, I’m going by a mindset that goes “They seem to be suited for X and I should help them get better”, since the KC is always meant to be a good leader for this large band of misfits to tag behind them. More importantly though, I’m trying to get a clear vision of what the companion sees, thinks, and moreover, had experienced before meeting the KC. As I said from the start, I’m looking at this from a story POV, not in-game. Basically, I’m thinking of how the story of my KC and the party would go.

I mean I am planning on writing my fanfic of that some time in the future, but that’s beside the point.


Well it could be an interesting read. We often see different things in other based on our unique perspectives.

Good luck with the writing.

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Sure gonna need it…

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The MotB companions.


Safiya is a Red Wizard who is a Transmuter. Safiya is TN by her back story she has led a sheltered life. Until Nefris sent her to find the KC she really only new the Academy of Shapers and Binders. By the way the students are described the school only has two types of specialists Transmuters and Necromancers. Of which Safiya doesn’t like the latter. As she stated when you make your own friends they’re really the only one you can trust. I tend to transition her into an Arcane Scholar at least a few levels because she is a scholar. Since most of my KC are Wizards and Arcane Scholars I know this prestige class best. The smarter the KC is and the higher his or her Lore the better she responds to you. I keep her as a Red Wizard and or Arcane Scholar.

I’ll finish the other latter. Sorry I’m pressed for time.

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Don’t remember necromancy being mentioned at all about the Academy, but either way, an Arcane Scholar seems to be a class for generalist Wizards instead of specialists, so a Red Wizard wouldn’t be fit for it. It’s not a bad idea in-game, but storywise, it doesn’t make much sense.

Never said you were obliged to reply instantly.

I keep forgetting to say, did some research on the githzerai the other day, and short version, Zhjaeve is supposed to be a Monk, not a Cleric, 'cuz the githzerai are martial artists with psionic powers, and zerths are super Monks.

I literally just did a Google search and found out Obsidian didn’t do any research on how githzerai fight.

And now I have to try to balance her as a Cleric and Monk.