Ooh You Are Awful! or The Big Tease

Are you working on something that you are not really ready to announce yet but still want to show off a part of? Maybe you’ve got a project or two (or more) that has been sitting on your hard drive for months or years that you maybe need to get off your chest? Well look no further. This thread (and not the drool thread…) is for you. I’ll kick it off myself shortly. For those not in the UK the name of this thread originates from a catch phrase from various sketch shows by the long dead UK comedian Dick Emery -



As promised here is a teaser for something that has been on the back-burner for maybe 5 years (so it’s been on more than one HD).

The plasma is actually a single placeable while the white/purple circles are actually 3D placeables. And that is all I’m saying (unless I actually finish it). The one thing that might make me get on with it are the new EE graphics once they are really stable.



[quote=“Tarot_Redhand, post:1, topic:1241”]
Are you working on something that you are not really ready to announce yet but still want to show off a part of?
[/quote] … why I just happen to be in such a predicament Ms/Mr. Redhand :grin: lemme see if I can get some screenshots up in a bit.

I take it these are for things that are already running in ones personal game, but not made available to the community and not just concept art. I believe I have a few of those


This is a small fraction but here we go…

First thing that got me modding was the artwork placeables. I thought they could be better so I started replacing all the paintings with Classical Art. Then I thought the sizes could use some variety so I made some. Then I thought hey what if I put my own paintings as placeables… and I did, now I have hundreds of the things but I doubt I will ever make them go public for a number of reasons… so yep, definitely just a tease

My main issue with things are file sizes and appearance, and I like to keep my stuff light but pretty. Anything that looks out of proportion or has too much file size I remake/retexture, It’s a Sisyphean task, but I recently decided to only use Original Content textures so I might actually finish something from this and release it someday… Furniture that face the right way, Flooring that land right when you drop them… etc

Statues, much like the paintings, this is a personal issue with me. There are a lot of good stuff but the proportions and textures are too odd. so I am constantly remaking them. I am however working on standardized Faerunean deites statues (thats my Sune in the middle corner)and will definitely release it when I finish them.

Oh yeah, the portraits. All (even OC) the portraits in my game are replaced by pictures from thematically appropriate (that picture is King Arthur from the Merlin series) movies and shows and have a standard size, composition and color palette edited to my personal preference, but will not be released publicly because, copyright etc


Here’s another little thing I’m tinkering with… (and I am still learning how to do things)
The Original game has 2 body types normal and fat, My game has five (in progress)
and I made them for all the Original Content races (male and female)

Skinny, Normal, Swole, Fat, and Monstrous (seen here beside an ONI i made for June ccc)
to get to this I had to remake all the original game body parts, making sure the OC texture will be compatible with my new texture and models), I did, however use Gunner’s hands and feet because they are awesome (and I am not that good with 3d modelling, for now :grin:). Also I have’nt figured out how to make phenotypes so my parts are literally parts you can select individually on the toolset. Maybe someday I will be confident and satisfied enough to make it public.


I like this thread idea. :grin: Contributing:

Very nice bodies, Stonehammer!


Here is a little teaser from my efforts on the Darksun PW! This is my dynamic aarakocra! his eye color is on tattoo 2 and the feather tips are on tattoo 1 also his feathers are on skin and beak hands shins and feet are on hair.


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Some nice looking stuff on here. It’s always good to know someone somewhere is still working on content for this game.

This is a tileset I’ve been working on for some time now. It’s very WIP. The screenshot is from the toolset in 1.69, however now I’m thinking I should probably be working in EE instead. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine it will be ready for release anytime soon…


Finally found the actual test module for the thing I mentioned earlier in this thread and have taken three pictures -

For now that’s all the sneaky peeks you’re getting of this sleeping project. I have a technical issue to figure out before it can progress further (and oodles of scripts to write too).



Another DarkSun tease, this time it’s our dynamic half giant. Here are pictures of one of his heads and one of the suits we have for our upcoming server. I’ve started messing with normals on the player races also.
hg1 hg2


Wow really awesome ideas and work guys!

TarotRedhand: Is that like a skybox with a complete cosmology you’re working on? It looks like planets on nebulae. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to have something like Morrowinds sky in NWN.

Skybox? Nope. It is part of a re-jig of an old project of mine. What I have shown in this thread are additions to it.



:sob: Made for spellbook decor.


Someone say teasers? like say a real train?

or perhaps a steam monorail?

or printing presses?

or medieval appropriate cannons (IE: Bombards)?

or even say some barkskin houses for those rugged types?

What about new classes to play with?

want to know more? go here Steampunk-Midland Forum


Experiment from switching to Blender v2.8. Sharing because pretty. GRAWWWRRRRR!