Openings in the Westgate Campaign

I’ll be restarting my weekly DM’d Westgate Campaign using NWN:EE in early 2019 and will have openings for up to 3 new players to participate; there is a max of 6 in the campaign at any given time. The campaign has been running, with occasional breaks, since February 2004 and was first hosted at Neverwinter Connections.

Schedule: gaming sessions take place on Sundays, with the current starting reference time being 2:00 PM Eastern US (New York) time. You can use a time converter to see what that is for your local time. Although ideally we aim for weekly sessions, due to real life time conflicts, holidays and other disruptions, we are flexible when necessary on scheduling and attendance. PCs can do productive “off-camera” activities at the DM’s discretion if a player can’t make a particular session.

Short description: Westgate is a roleplay and intrigue-heavy campaign, with periodic violent confrontations and dungeoneering opportunities. The custom mod features three large, populated cities (Westgate, Teziir and Starmantle), several towns and villages, and various other points of interest scattered around the Dragon Coast. Although it takes place in a Forgotten Realms 3rd edition setting, one doesn’t have to be an FR guru to play.

For those interested in more detailed info:

Background on the campaign -
New player topic -

Please note that while the campaign boards are hosted on NWN Campaigns, I can also be reached here with any questions.

Good adventuring to all!

I used to play in a weekly campaign long ago but can’t remember it this was it. Had a lot of fun anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve kept a running tally of “retired” PCs and their players, don’t believe you were in the Westgate Campaign unless it was using a different handle. I also ran a couple of limited-run weekly campaigns while at Neverwinter Connections.

In any case, glad you enjoyed the experience. Have to say the weekly campaigns I’ve been in both as a DM and as player were the best times.

Since I just confirmed that I’ll be moving in January, the full campaign is now scheduled to start up again on February 10, 2019. I plan to run a “prequel” session or two for the new participants before that, as mentioned in the new player topic on the campaign forum.

Please note that campaign openings (2 currently remaining) are set to close at the end of December, to give me time to adequately prepare for the prequel session(s).

Although I’m encouraging expressions of interest by December 31st, in case people can’t commit that far in advance, I’ll still welcome inquiries later for any open slots.

I also happen to have an extra copy of NWN:EE for a player that has a serious interest in the weekly campaign, but may not have made the leap from the original NWN yet.