Orientate vfx with character?

i’ve developed a vfx that appears somewhat off to the left of the character. i’d like to keep it there, relative to the character, irrespective of the character’s orientation. so in other words, if the character turns left, the vfx should rotate ‘backwards’, decreasing absolute y position so that, relative to the character, it still appears off his left shoulder (rather than right in front of him, as it does now). does anyone know how i’d do that ?

Since no one else replied yet…

I’m slightly puzzled by the question. As I recall, a vfx applied to a creature normally moves with it, as you intend. For example, the Community VFX Project has everything from headgear aligned to head turning to backpacks that remain glued to the back during animation.

I’m no expert, but I dimly recall that the vfx model needs to specify which node it should play on, such as the head.

I don’t have the details so I didn’t reply earlier but for this case probably the torso or whatever the VFX quivers attach to so it doesn’t move around when the head turns.

I’m no VFX / animation expert, but perhaps this has something to do with OrientWithObject column in visualeffects.2da? It appears that all VFX that have to be transformed along with the parent body node (glowing eyes, arrows, etc) have 1 there.

many thanks to all of you for your help. NWNShacker nailed it ; the problem was with my visualeffects.2da entry. the OrientWithObject entry was 0, needed to be 1.


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