Overheating using Aurora toolset with simple things


My computer starts to overheat each time I use the Aurora toolset, even with simple tasks like editing and armor or a model, or more insane just because I opened it.

have someone experienced this and how to fix it.


I had a similar issue a few months ago.

The fan would start running in an alarming way. Sometimes the PC even froze for a moment. The CPU and GPU temperatures were high, but not excessive, by the time I could get a response.

The problem went away after the next Windows update

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I have temperature monitors on my taskbar, and every time I fire the toolset, the CPU jumps anywhere, from 57-63 on idle, this when regular temperature is 52 centigrades. It has always been like this.

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That’s because the toolset is always busy-waiting, whether the 3D view is on or not. Even when script or convo editor is the active window, when it could easily throttle the CPU usage instead of wasting energy.

It is possible to throttle it manually at the cost of responsiveness, though.

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Thanks Guys,

I started using ThrottleStop, I’m running Windows on Bootcamp, and it seems to have solved the problem.

And I installed Intel temperature monitor to tweak ThrottleStopp settings.

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