Overland Map Scripts

Hi there. I think I’m missing something here. In tutorials I find online they talk about the scripts needed on an overland map. Namely


Searching my toolset I find no such scripts. Searching my scripts_X2 folder I can only find g_ol_client_enter, a g_ol_hb and a ga_olmap_exit.

Am I to copy these scripts in my campaign? Why are they named differently than the tutorials and why isn’t the toolset recognizing SoZ assets?

Thanks in advance.

p.s Also, by how much do you scale down overland map placeables? Would a 0,3 or so do the trick?

I’m assuming you were looking at my tutorial. You can probably copy from SoZ or just rename the scripts. The OM demo module I made has creatures at the “standard overland map” size.

For placeables, if you’re not using the toolset’s overland map placeables and are scaling things down, you just have to scale down until they fit the size you want. 0.3 is probably a good starter.

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Oh I didn’t even notice it was yours, sorry :slight_smile: . So basically in the tutorial you mention the scripts as you have already renamed them. Good to know. I never noticed that SoZ assets are not considered global. Why is that?

edit: They do. I was just searching under wrong names :slight_smile:

No idea for any of that, sorry. Unfortunately too long ago.

a lot of them are in the SoZ Campaign folder ( not global )