Overlooked Offline PW Recommendations?

hi! I’m looking for pw’s that are now offline but offer interesting gameplay for a singleplayer run. basically overlooked pw’s that maybe not everyone knows of but still offers a deep experience. Arcanium would be a good example, i found that recently and it looks exactly what I’m looking for. before i dive in though i figured I’d ask for suggestions. i also like raine’s world of greyhawk as an example.

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I’m not familiar with the PWs you mention, and others here might not be either, so I think it would be helpful if you could specify what it is you’re looking for in such a PW, what exactly would make it a deep experience to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know of one PW that also offers a lot of content for single player but it is still online, just overlooked and not really played on anymore (0 players most of the time, maybe even all the time). So if you can’t or don’t want to go online, that one is out. If offline is not a must, you could check it out though: Hlontar (MoonseaHotU).

The only downloadable offline PW I know a bit is Arbor Falls by Lord of Worms. It is a very nice looking one, using all of his own tilesets and creature models and such, so lots of haks, and also lots of custom systems. I don’t remember how well the gameplay holds up, but I think it was single player friendly, too.

Another module that might be of interest to you is Shadows of Darkmoon. It is not a PW though, but a “Hack’n’Slash story-based Dungeon crawler”, Diablo style, designed for single player, with procedurally generated loot system and procedurally generated monster / boss system, as well as many other custom systems in place, ensuring high replayability. Sadly, it seems like the author replaced the old version with an EE only version instead of offering a choice, so apparently this is only an option for you if you own the Enhanced Edition.

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Arbor Falls

I’ve never played through the entirety of what it has to offer, but what I did play, I found to be very challenging and quite fun. The visuals are also top notch.

well i would like a large world, maybe with a lot of custom magical items to find hidden away guarded by tough creatures. something maybe with unique systems or a huge world with endless amounts of content, quests, and an ability to use henchmen perhaps.

something just dope with a lot of content would be cool. it doesn’t have to look amazing just as long as it functions well for android and works.

thanks for the recommendations guys. if u have any more let me know. perhaps check out arcanium to see what I’m interested in. also interested in World of Amon.

unique monsters, unique bosees, tons of unique loot, etc. thanks again!