Override Ammunition Pricing

Is there a easy way to edit a 2da in the override folder to lower the prices for ammunition? The iprp_ammocost.2da seems to have no impact on lowering prices. For years, even my pure archer characters often find it better to sell magical ammunition for huge sums of money (so money is never a problem) rather than use it.

As I recall, the inherent cost of ammo is only 1gp. The rest of the price is calculalated from its magical properties, which can’t easily be changed without affecting other base item types.

If you are using CEP, there is a Value Decrease property which you can tweak until the price is roughly right - but this is a blunt instrument in my experience.

Perhaps the simplest solution is to make the ammo a plot item so it can’t be sold?

Or use merchant’s Restrictions setting to prevent it from buying ammo base types.

This wouldn’t be for just 1 module, but any module I use. Opening every module and changing all the ammo everywhere every time is more time consuming than it may be worth and in some cases impossible (such as for Infinite Dungeons mod).

What file has the inherent cost of ammo? If the inherent cost of ammo is 1 and I can change it in a 2da file in the override folder to 0.2 or 0.5 (if it then rounds up to 1) that would be more ideal. However since currently 99 plain arrows sells for 1 gold and 98 plain arrows sells for 0 gold I suspect that would not work.

If you want to lower the final cost of ammo (after applying cost of all properties), lower value of its ItemMultiplier column in baseitems.2da.

For example: changing it from default 0.01 to 0.001 makes fire arrow cost drop from 1881 to 99 gp. This will naturally lead to issues if the module you play has custom baseitems.2da (unless you modify that one).

However the above approach will also reduce shop prices. If you don’t want that, you’ll probably have to make a custom shop that only buys ammo with a fixed price cap (i.e. 200 gp). Then you can put this shop in override with a script that will open it when you execute it via debug mode.

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As NWShacker suggested, changing the ItemMultiplier is the way to go. The cost of an item basically is (BaseCost + cost of ItemProperties) * ItemMultiplier. For the example from above (fire arrows) it’s 1 + 1880 = 1881. Even if it would be possible to reduce BaseCost to 0, the result would still be 1880. You could also reduce the cost of the ItemProperties but that would affect melee weapons as well.