Override Compilation?

Hi all,

I’m returning to NWN after a few years away. Hope you all have been well!

Is there an override compilation for base (EE) game assets? Last I played the best available were patch haking PQ, Zwerks’ tilesets overrides, and Cervantes’ Creature Compilation.

I see Beamdog released a giant pack but if I’m reading correctly it only includes PC parts, a handful of weapons, and some shields.

Failing a compilation, does anyone have a curated list of recommendations?

Thanks for any guidance!

My personal recommendation would be this pack Home

It contains a lot of fixes and upgrades as well in many aspects. Some highlights:

  • Numerous fixes to spells
  • Eye of Gruumsh and Shou Disciple prestige classes
  • 9 new variants of the Dragon Disciple class (Black, Blue, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green, Silver, and White)
  • Warlock base class
  • 10 new races (Aasimar, Air Genasi, Drow, Duergar, Earth Genasi, Fire Genasi, Half-Drow, Half-Ogre, Tiefling, and Water Genasi
  • Mighty Rage now functions as an extension of Rage, meaning ALL rages are “mighty rages” when a Barbarian has this feat
  • New critical and weapon proficiency feats for the lance and trident
  • Dwarves now gain proficiency with the Dwarven Waraxe for free
  • New favored enemies for Rangers (oozes and plants)
  • New baseitem models for boots, books, cloaks, miscmed, potions, etc.
  • Updated models and PBR mapping for nearly ALL of the creatures and placeables in the game
  • Model, pathfinding, and other fixes for several tilesets as well as PBR maps for ALL tilesets in the game
  • Several new heads to choose from at character creation
  • TonyK’s Henchman Inventory & Battle AI, featuring:
    • More intelligent companions
    • More finite control over companions
    • Access to companion inventory
    • Enemies act more intelligently, utilizing their full abilities in combat and rushing to aid allies
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Thanks for the reply!