Override folder

I’m looking to see what others have in their nwn2 override folder.

currently, i have the following running:

  • cdaulepp - random loot generator
  • clangeddin_collection (which I can’t figure out how to disable the target displaying hps)
  • companion multiclass
  • PIA
  • and the campaign level extender

and lastly, the merge pack featuring the name Kaedrin’s PrC + TCC + Spell Fixes + Tome of Battle + Races of Faerun + Light Emitting Spell Effects

it seems to be stable… but on occasion, something glitches during the transition movies. for example, when you first get to the gith cave and the mobs all cry out for zeerie… the game crashes. I always think its some object that got loaded, but no matter how far back I got in my saved games, it always happens there.
I create a new char, and it doesn’t happen there. its kinda a crab shoot. Sometimes it crashes on a quest mob.

I’m wondering what others have in their override folder and the compatibility.
I usually only play the OC up through Act3 with diff multiclasses.

No problems with my override. Most of it consists of improved textures/environment stuff. Some new and improved heads along with altered spell visuals and less intrusive buffs.

1.27 GB (1,368,900,529 bytes)
20,818 Files, 631 Folders

you might be wondering how I manage all that and have a stable game.

AllDup - duplicate file checker

find and resolve conflicts …

the problem might not be in /override, could be video drivers eg.

You can try relabeling your MyDocs/override folder by appending an underscore (temporarily) then load your save before the cutscene just to see what happens …

a good idea is to make a backup of your /override folder first to a safe location,

note there are also other folders that act globally like the /ui folder and installation/override, etc.

In any case, be careful with your stuff.


I win! :rofl:
18.7 GB
67,197 Files, 1,210 Folders

But it’s mostly new placeables, new heads and hair, new clothes, new creatures, so the only conflicts occur when the campaign/module I play uses 2da that are not following the reserved ranges


I lose :sob:

1214 files, 48 folders.

But my files and folders must be bigger that kevL_s’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ps. A lot of my files are prefabs I made of placeable groups just for the toolset… Does that count or will I get disqualified for cheating ?


I usually keep mine empty, but then I do a lot of testing so it needs to be clean.

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Thanks all.
So far, I’ve gotten through the moira quests and the game hasn’t crashed.
here is a current look at my override.
also, no idea where to put the construct(golem) nor deekan’s file at to make them correct… anyone know?

here’s how the folders look now:
Screenshot 2021-08-09 181034
Screenshot 2021-08-09 181003

there in root of /override is fine.

you might wish to look into Nwn2Fixes … it should have those two files already.

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At one point I had nwn2fixes. but it wasn’t compatible with the spell fixes or maybe kaedrin’s. Crashed game and had bugs with casting spells.

only thing I may have missed is the SR fix and the Warlock fix for the PrC Hellfire and spell pen of its spells.

I’m still playing around with PIA to make the game more challenging so that mobs aren’t that easy to kill and does require a little more player management. Though still wishing more mobs were mages as they can be deathly to any group.

Anyone out there know if it exists a mod for more mobs to load or mobs trans’d to mages and more mobs using unique spells other than magic missile?

understood. yeh it’d require some jiggery-pokery to be compatible w/ SpellFixes and/or the kPrC pack

iirc… between the Pia and Kaedrin’s (both) SR should be fixed.

iirc2… Kaedrin did some extra coding to address spell-pen for Warlocks but not sure how well it works …

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aqueue… You can put the deekin and construct files in the OC Campaign folder if you wanted them out of the way ( that’s the one in program files not in your documents where the override is ).

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Thanks all for the feedback.
I did find a restore point in my game. I’m not certain, but I saw a pattern. Read my theory if you got the time…

Everytime I loaded the game pre crash, the random loot generator wasn’t random. It loaded the same stuff into that area from a saved game, even if the mod wasn’t in the override folder. So I loaded an earlier saved game and same thing. In this case, I had to load the game all the way back from entering the gith cave to before going to the archives. Bingo, no crash.
It seems the random loot gen works, but it loads for several areas at a time - several areas are linked, not just when you enter it. It was the random loot gen that created some item that caused the crash; i’ve experienced this before with arrows and scrolls being read.