Override tidy up

I’ve decided the custom content I’ve used already is enough so I’m stripping my override of all the things I haven’t used. Two questions…

Do I need UTI files if I’m already keeping the armour etc that I want with it’s mdbs etc, what do they do ?

Can I put whole folders in a hak or is it just the content of them that I put in, I can’t remember what I did before as it’s been a while.

Ok it’s really two and a half questions because one’s got two in it, but they are related.

Thank you.

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UTI files “define” the items (what their properties are, if they grant bonuses, etc…), including their appearance (that’s where the mdb are used). So, if you get rid of the uti, you’ll only have the models of the armours, and the PC and NPC won’t be able to don the armours that were made through the uti files.

Unfortunately, you can’t put folders in a hak, only the content (anyway I never succeeded).

4760… It looks like it’s goodbye to the UTI, I only use the appearance and change the properties etc. myself. Shame about the folders in a hak I thought that would be the case.

Thank you…

1.4gb of override removed so far and going well !

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