Overrrides and CEP/PQ

I’ve gotten a little rusty when it comes to the finer details of haks so I don’t know the answer to the following question:

If I have either CEP or PQ installed for a module I work on…and I change core files that have NOT already been changed by CEP/PQ with an override, will the override than still be overruled in any way by the haks?

It’s all down to the loading order. First original files are loaded then the contents of the override. This is followed by hak files which are loaded from the bottom of the list first, working its way up to the top. The later the load the more likely to be used (if that makes sense, it not ask again).


…from which it follows that if your hak contains a modified core file which is not in CEP or Q, they won’t interfere with your version…

…but best to put your hak on top, then your version will take priority in the event that CEP or Q does have a file with the same name.