Overwhelming Criticals for CEP weapons?

Does anyone know if there are Overwhelming Critical feats for the CEP weapons?

i.e. Mercurial Swords, Sai, Jitte, etc

Can someone please let me know if you have an updated “Feat 2da” that blends the most current CEP 2.65 with the NWN:EE current patch where I can see if the CEP has the “Improved” and “Overwhelming” criticals constants listed. I checked the CEP 2.65 haks I could find no “Feat” 2da in the top hak where all the 2das are located.

Here is what my onplayerequip event script says where those features are commented out and instead it says it is the Trident.

Is there anyone who can at least answer this question out there please?

I don’t think anyone has made them for CEP. I don’t usually work with high level stuff so I’ve never looked. I think these crits are done in the engine (not scripts) though so that may be why.

Thanks for your comments meaglyn. One guy I found made the weapon focus, weapon specialization, and weapon criticals for the CEP weapons…but he never did the improved criticals nor the overwhelming criticals.

Here is the vault entry:

Migrate Wizard did those…I wonder if he or others did make them later.

EDIT: Actually I noticed migrate Wizard uploaded these but it was: Vaéi who made these:
Submitted / Updated 03-26-2004 / 03-29-2004

Migrate Wizard isn’t an author. It’s a dummy user name for content that was migrated from the old Vault. So, yes, the author was Vaéi.

Thanks Proleric…lol…ok I see…makes sense “Migrate” means to move over from the vault. So I now know it isn’t actually a creator/submitter.

Do you know anything about this CEP stuff per chance?

I made the weapon feats for all CEP weapons, to include NW’s mage staff. It’s been about a year since I did it, but they’ve been up and running smoothly on my PW for quite some time. To do this, it will require an updated feats.2da, baseitems.2da, and a modified cep260.tlk.

I could share mine here on the Vault, but it has limited value since I have changed many feats to bring them in line and be customized for my PW.

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I do notice beamdog added columns to baseitems.2da to allow specifying the feat number for all of these. I wonder if setting that up with new feats is enough to get the engine to do the right thing even for newly added weapons. Did you have all of that setup and working too? If so, cool!

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Seriously DM_Wise you are the best!!

You would do that? Dude you rock. So not sure if you mean you will create this for the vault using the updated feats. 2da, baseitems 2da with the CEP 260.(I thought there was a newer version of CEP 2.65)

I stopped the CEP at 2.3

But If you made a standalone based on the CEP 260 I would still be happy.

Or did you mean you want my 2das and tlk file to incorporate them into them?

The answer was sort of ambiguous as I could interpret it either way.

If you do this…would you be doing it soon?

EDIT: If you can do it …it would be so nice of you if you could add all the tlk line entries on Streef lines 43500 to 45000. As I have those open…if you wouldn’t mind.

EDIT2: I guess we would require a copy also of the onplayerequip script too.

Perhaps my English isn’t as good as I think it is. What I meant to say was, I’ve already done all of the feats for CEP weapons (and even merged the 2 kukri types and falchion types they introduced). And yes, I could post him here. However – the big caveat – is the limited value they provide because when I edited the 2da’s and the tlk, these 2das and tlk were already customized for the PW I build and admin for. This means there are a lot of other changes in these tables that you most likely would NOT want.

Nor do I have the time these days to re-invent the wheel, or parse out the necessary files to make it a plug-and-play for all CEP users. In hindsight that’s what I should have done, but at the time I was learning the art of 2da and tlk editing. One day, perhaps this summer, I can parse it out for the community as a whole, but real life intervenes until then.

So, if you would like, I can upload the 3 affected files here and you can try your hand at splicing them out into your own 2da entries and tlk values. Does this interest you? Or would you rather wait for something better to come along?

I’ll take what you have. I will try my hand at merging it into my module. Thanks DM_Wise. Let me know when you upload it. I look forward to it :slight_smile:

Give me a few and I’ll upload something you can work with.

Thanks bud :slight_smile:

Hi DM_Wise, do you have a rough approximation as to when you may do this? :slight_smile:

Temp CEP Weapon Feats.7z (176.4 KB)

CEP Weapon Feats enclosed. Be Warned: If you use my tlk, feats.2da, and baseitems.2da directly, you will have other things changed in your game as well. Therefore, I caution you not to do this and instead copy/pase or extract the CEP related index lines and tlk entries into your own using a 2da/tlk editor. Various versions of such editors abound on the Vault.

Furthermore, I made executive decisions for the CEP feats when it came to crit multiplier and crit range for some of the weapons because I felt they were too overpowered. Specifically, the mercurial blades, but there might have been some others. I may have left one or two weapons out because I didn’t feel they added value, but the ones included are Mercurial Greatsword, Mercurial Longsword (both, admittedly, somewhat gimmicky), Maul, Short Spear, Heavy Mace, Falchion, Mage Staff, Double Scimitar, Sap, Heavy Pick, Light Pick, Katar, Wind Fire Wheel, Nunchuku.

Finally, I may still consider making a CEP-compatible version by this summer but there’s a few other things in my hopper, so time will tell.

Thanks bud!!. I will take a look at these and let you know if I have any issues. Really appreciate you doing this bud.

Hey DM_Wise

The constants for your CEP weapons (i.e. FEAT_EPIC_WEAPON_FOCUS_HEAVY_PICK) for example

Do you have scripts for all these CEP weapons?

EDIT: I will also need to see what you did with the Module event script: OnPlayerEquip

Please and thanks DM_Wise

No scripts are needed. This was the point of BD’s update last summer (or perhaps it was Spring). Devastating Critical: Nunchaku is equivalent in mechanics and 2das as Devastating Critical: Scimitar.

Nothing to do with your Module Events either. Unless you already have something in there regarding weapons.

Wow…hard to believe it doesn’t require scripts to know how the weapons function. I can only assume that like you said it reads the nunchaku as a scimitar for Devastating Critical because your 2da points to this? I will have to look.

As for the Module Event scripts. See my example above in this thread. I have that in my module event: OnPlayer Equip. Do I leave that in there or just delete or comment out all the lines?

And thanks bud for all this :slight_smile: