Pain's Monster Pack

Can anyone provide me with a working link to the appearance.2da file that’s mentioned in the description of Pain’s Monster Pack?


If it’s not in his pack, mine was based on his and is up to date with creatures.

Thanks, Kamal. It seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

By the way, I noticed that your appearance.2da uses modified values for CREPERSPACE, HITDIST and PREFATTACKDIST columns. These changes are similar to those from NWN2 Creature Distance Tweaks mod. I suspect that these tweaks might cause one serious bug with siegetowers during the siege of Crossroad Keep in OC – they become indestructible for some reason. I once encountered this bug during my playthrough, though I didn’t know then that it was caused by these tweaks. But I just saw Jedijax’s comment from the link above that’s saying about this problem. There are probably some rows that need to be restored back to the original values.

The problem might be related to the row 562 (Siegetower appearance). There’s no reason to modify values in these columns for this row. The purpose of these tweaks was to decrease cluttering among creatures during combat.