Party modules

Hi, I’d like to know if there’s some kind of list somewhere of modules that allow SOZ-style party creation, or an easy way to find them that doesn’t rely on a search engine that sucks.

I can think of a few of those modules off the top of my head (I can go more into detail if, as I fear, there’s no list), but I’ve already played most if not all of those, and I haven’t been up to date with new releases in the last few years, so I’m probably unaware of some of them.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have Party Creation as a data element but you can resort this to see if it gets you some possible hits.

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There is also the Kaldor Silverwand collection. One of them allows SoZ party management in any game that has access to the party menu (I think). See here for a more accurate explanation.

Brendan comes around periodically so you may be able to ask him any specific questions.


Thanks for the replies. I don’t know if the excel file will help with this request specifically, but it’s good to have as a reference regardless.

I knew about that mod by Kaldor, but I’m not sure if what it does is allowing party creation in any module that lacks that feature, or if it simply adds an option to do it through the menu (instead of the typical book placeable at the inn) in modules that already have party creation by default.

I took another look last night and under the “Companions or Henchmen” column, a few mods are noted as having SoZ Party creation. There may be more identified in the Notes column. I’ll try to standardize this in the next iteration.



You may be already aware, but my module “The Scroll” allows this at the start for four PCs at the start, with up to two more from the inn (The Bloated Buckle) when you reach the village.

If you have a friend, you can also play it coop too as well as SP.

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There is also a Kaldor mod specifically for Baldur’s Gate Reloaded that implements SoZ Party management once you get to the inn.


Co_book mod works pretty good for me.


I knew about The Scroll (it’s still on my ever-growing to-play list :stuck_out_tongue:) but not about this Co_book. My question was more about modules that’ve been built around the party creation feature, but it’s good to know it’s there as an option, .

Anyway, after a quick look through GCoyote’s list, I’m guessing there aren’t many party modules out there that I wasn’t aware of, after all. In any case, thanks everyone for the replies.


Looks like this works for games that start from the Campaign Menu. Have to play with it a bit.

I just throw it in the override and more often than not it works perfectly. The Link is here:


This blog post explains how to convert a module to a campaign so that you can use Party Creation with it.

My Deck of Trumps item in the Silverwand Sundries collection gives you an item that opens the Party Creation editor in case the campaign does not have a way to do that or the way it does it is not ideal.

It seems like the co_book is the same idea, just developed after mine.



You can use the instructions in my blog post to convert whatever modules you like to campaigns with support for party creation and then you can use my deck of trumps item to access it at any time without having to modify the menu.


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