Patch HAK method NWN EE, I need help, is not working for me

I’m trying to use the userpatch method to override vanilla content and improve my game experience, I followed the tutorial posted in Beamdog forums:

But I have no luck so far.
For testing purposes, I’m using Zwerkules Facelift, because a user in the posts claimed he used userpatch with it and worked.

So far I have no results and I followed the instructions exactly as explained.

any comments about this method that can help me?


You should post your userpatch.ini, the alias section of your nwn.ini and the folder where you’ve put the hak files. Without these informations it’s hard to help you.

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Ok following the tutorial I finished with this:

  • userpatch.ini

(I also tried PatchFile000=bioforest)

  • nwnplayer.ini
    MODELCOMPILER=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/modelcompiler
    NWSYNC=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/nwsync
    OLDSERVERVAULT=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/oldservervault
    PATCH=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/patch
    DEVELOPMENT=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/development
    HD0=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights
    MODULES=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/modules
    SAVES=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/saves
    OVERRIDE=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/override
    HAK=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/hak
    PATCH=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/hak
    SCREENSHOTS=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/screenshots
    CURRENTGAME=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/currentgame
    LOGS=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/logs
    TEMP=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/temp
    TEMPCLIENT=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/tempclient
    LOCALVAULT=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/localvault
    DMVAULT=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/dmvault
    SERVERVAULT=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/servervault
    DATABASE=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/database
    PORTRAITS=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/portraits
    AMBIENT=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/ambient
    MOVIES=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/movies
    MUSIC=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/music
    TLK=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/tlk
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Thanks :slight_smile:

It has to be


and you have

PATCH=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/patch

PATCH=/Users/giovanni/Documents/Neverwinter Nights/hak

in your NWN.ini. Delete one of theses lines and put the hak file in the other folder.

Hi, thanks for the answer, for some reason the files are also not saving properly (Maybe because I’m in a Mac now) because what I copied is not what I supposed to have in the files, I corrected those mistakes before creating this post and now I realise opening the files, that they are still there, I will re-do all and let you know, thanks for the help.


@Kamiryn Thanks for the help is working now, I deleted the line and using another program to edit the files.