Patcher Problem

Hi. I have a problem with this file, the NWN2 Patcher by tnt220. I tried to use it to install the latest italian patch, the nwn2_pc_italian_from1231763_to1231765, but when i tried the patcher froze at the beginning of the installation. Then it continued very slowly, until it competed suddenly but the game was unchanged, still in english. Should i have done something different? Does it depend on the fact that my pc is a 64 bit? should i have installed all the other italian patches first? Please, help me. I hope this is the right section to ask for help.

You need to first find what number your version is already patched to before installing any patches. You then match that number to the first patch that patches from that number to the next one and then install the rest of the patches in numeric order. I realise that it may seem a strange way of doing things but that is the way that the maker of NwN 2 decided to go.