Path of Evil Remastered


Just curious if you have more play thru’s planned for your YouTube channel? I really enjoy them. If so, might Path of Evil Remastered be on the list?


BrotherMutant73 did Path of Evil on Youtube if your interested although it’s an older version.


I’m certainly going to do more vids. I had fun making them. Not sure what to play next though.


BrotherMutant’s LP was not even finished.


I looked at the first 2 episodes of BrotherMutant73’s PoE playthru and I just couldn’t watch it any more. The main thing was, there were some obvious things that he just missed and it was annoying me too much. Like he’s just walking by treasure chests and things that are flashing because he’s pressing “Z” and he just completely missed them, walked right by them. And I’m like, “Go to the chest! Check the chest! What are you doing?!”, etc. I tried to play PoE more than a year back and ran into some insurmountable bugs but it seems like it has been updated since then. I’ll give it another try.


Wait for Travus’s fixes

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Final fixes complete! Download the final 3-17-19 fix file from the updated link in my post above. I also updated some notes there as well.

I highly recommend that this be tested by a few folks to make sure things are good. I hope I didn’t unknowingly make more bugs :slight_smile:


Running through with the new fixes. Very little to report, with my only issue being no doors in Pros. There were doors in the Pros Graveyard though.

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No idea on the doors, I checked with Travus’ fixes installed and Pros has doors.

With the fixes being tested, I’m going to merge them into the main files.


I finished the campaign in Friday. I did minimal side quests, and none of the character personal quests. Pros is where I had the issue with doors missing, maybe caused by my override folder?


Most likely. If you have doors.2da or something similar in your override folder, then you are overriding the resources of the builder. That’s why it’s recommended to not use the override folder. At least not when campaigns state they have their own customizations.