PC emits light in a fully darkness

So, let’s say we have an Area that is supposed to be filled with darkness (not the spell). Complete absence of light, other than few torches here and there
Here comes the player, all dressed up and ready to explore this dungeon. Without any equipment that gives the lighting property on the player, we can expect that he cant see anything if he walks further in…

But when the PC steps in on a dark spot… this happens

I get it that there must be at least some light for the player to move forward , but can I at least tone down this behavior from the engine?

Maybe that character has Darkvision? (by race or class)

Unfortunately no. And to be sure, the same behaviour happens with a LVL 1 human

What happens when the character is not carrying a magic weapon that is emitting light? New pic perhaps?


Thanks to @orth for bringing this up!

Works wonders on OG NWN, however it needs a little tweaking for NWNEE.

Edit: After trying -

I’ve also changed Param6 from line 333 on progfx.2da 1 -> 0… And it works!
Thank you all!

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Why change Param6 on line 333 in progfx.2da? I’m very curious.

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Suggested by @FinalDeath , adviced me to try tweaking line 333 from progfx.2da . Visiting wiki and seeing that 333 is actually a Type 4, I decided to tweak Param6

I don’t really undestand how it works, why it works etc. @FinalDeath believes that the Param6 change combined with the BECMI hak from your package, tries to “read” a VFX line that simply doesnt exist, so no light is generated.

I am a bit of a noob regarding .2das that don’t exist on the OG NWN + I’ve never tried opening a .mdl on blender - ever ever ever :slight_smile: I dont even know what Param6 does tbh :confused:

I seem to remember that the light that comes from no appreciable souce (for the player) is fx_light_clr.mdl. FWIW. The animations on that model correspond to various states of player lighting.

@OldTimeRadio, You should check out what I did with fx_light_clr.mdl in my True Vision and Light EE hak.

Oh, very cool!