PC goes berserk?

I have two reliable reports that occasionally a PC in my module will start attacking distant enemies spontaneously.

In one case, the PC was not commandable until all enemies were dead. In the other, the PC was commandable, but resumed combat automatically on completion of the player’s command.

Is anyone aware of any bugs or features in NWN that could cause this? In an older release of EE, perhaps?

In theory, it could be a script error, but I can’t find anything like that so far…

hmm… do you have ghosts in your machine ? ;p

okay, on a more serious note – do you take control away from the pc at any point ? set uncommandable, or dominate, in the presence of enemies ? i can imagine something like this happening if the player’s control is removed just when the pc gets an attack of opportunity which starts off the combat ; the combat would continue w/the pc uncommandable. another possible cause could be confusion. however, neither of those would explain why/how control is immediately restored once the combat is over [er… unless it’s not immediate and i just mis-read that ?]

is the bug reproducible ?

Hard to say - these bugs occured on other people’s rigs. Neither they nor I can reproduce them, but these are experienced players, so I’m sure the module is bugged somehow.

There are scripts that make the PC uncommandable, but at present I can’t see anything in the areas concerned that would run them, or force the PC to attack. Domination and Confusion are not used.

i’m not so sure ; this could be a problem w/the engine rather than the module. situations i’ve run into where my character has continued attacking even after i break off combat [or even run away tactically retreated] are too many to count. s/he’ll fire off a few more shots w/the bow or take another spiteful swipe w/the longsword before actually breaking it off – and even then may do so only because i continue clicking elsewehere. could the 2nd case you mention be this type of situation ? [sorry, the 1st one has me stymied…]

I know what you mean - on countless occasions, the PC doesn’t disengage unless told more than once. Also, keeping focus on the same opponent for any length of time is really hard (especially in EE?).

However, these automated changes in PC behaviour normally only last for a moment (and may be partly, though not wholly, due to feats like Cleave etc).

What my players are seeing is the PC out of control until all enemies are dead - in one case, not interruptable, either.

If it’s an engine bug, I haven’t seen it in other modules…

Have these players got an AI override?


No, the players in question are savvy.