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Recently, creatures started dropping an item called “PC Properties” when players kill them with spells. Is there an easy way to have those items deleted from the creatures using the module’s OnAcquireItem? Not sure the tag of those or if that OnAcquireItem works with creatures?

I can report that NPCs do trigger the OnAcquireItem event; I tracked rope and key ownership via tagbased item scripts, and they worked for NPCs just the same as for PCs. I don’t think NPCs should have a PC Properties creature hide in the first place, though. ::headscratch:: Nor should that item be flagged droppable. What did you work on/add before this started happening?

You could destroy all items whose name is PC Properties on acquisition if the object that acquired the item is not a PC. That’d leave the normal creature armour items untouched. But something very wonky is going on in the back, and it warrants investigating - what if your creatures are all having that thing force-equipped, replacing potential creature armours they’re supposed to be wearing?

this is a bug in vanilla, I recommend to install community patch 1.72, if you have some issues with it alternatively you can try this: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/remove-pc-properties

keep in mind that already existing PC Properties in your inventory will not be deleted automatically by this, to get rid of them, go into console and use these commands:

DebugMode 1
runscript nw_itemreset
DebugMode 0

then you should be able to drop it

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I’m not sure whether the cause of this problem is fully understood. Last I heard, it affected some PWs but not all, and might be related to monsters that have been DM-possessed at some point.

OnDeath scripts that destroy items of type BASE_ITEM_CREATUREITEM prevent skins of any kind being dropped as treasure.

However, taking @TheBarbarian’s point, it might be better to fix the root cause, to ensure that monster properties are what they’re meant to be.

For starters, it’s worth checking that the module has been upgraded for 1.69 compatibility. See horse guide.

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The cause is 1.69 horse system and its parts being compiled into several spellscripts like IGMS and firebrand (there is about dozen of thesee but I don’t remember which one, its years old issue which most peoples just ignore since it doesn’t hamper gameplay).

I am not 100% sure whether the PC Properties spawn on monster when player cast such spell on it, or if it has to be the monster who cast this, nevertheless I’ve seen reports on this from vanilla OC.

And then there is another cause of this and thats recompiled scripts of default event scripts. If these scripts are in some module, then player gets PC Properties when resting, dying, etc. But in this case, there should be no duplicate, although it might sometimes happen.

Tl’dr root cause is in 1.69 and horse system. Which is something you won’t fix just like that without CPP as it is already compiled into dozen of scripts.

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I help run a PW on the enhanced edition. We had a player running around a few months back as a cleric when we first saw these PC Properties as drops. He shortly after created a new character and we haven’t seen this again until last night. We recently added a few hidden weapons on the server that have onhit cast spell effects. One of those onhit spells happens to be Firebrand. We run a weekly group event and one of the players had an axe with this onhit spell. Everything he killed with it had the PC Properties drop. He’d switch to a different weapon and we didn’t see those drop anymore.

Perhaps checking the spell scripts, and also same scripts in the override/hak folder may yield something.

Did more testing. It seems to only happen on creatures that have no skin/hide in the toolset. I added a blank skin to those that had nothing and the PC Properties stopped dropping!

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Seems like a script checking then generating on creatures that have no skin…

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I didn’t dig very deep, but I can see that Firebrand and some other spell scripts invoke a standard check on whether an actor is mounted.

You’d expect a function like that to be strictly read-only. Unfortunately, the horse system has a scattergun approach towards forcing creatures with no skin to acquire PC Properties.

It shouldn’t be too hard to identify and fix the spell scripts in question.

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