PC staring at objects


When I have a conversation going on and want the player to face an npc who isn’t the owner of the conversation or the last one that spoke I use this script.

   //PC always disorientated
   //PGB 12/05/07
   #include "ginc_actions"
   void main()
   object oPC=GetPCSpeaker();
   AssignCommand(oPC,ActionOrientToTag("tag of npc",ORIENT_FACE_TARGET));

I put it on the line before the PC node and it all works well. However when the conversation is on a placeable the PC keeps turning back to face it despite what I put on the conversation node.

This looks really stupid when the PC’s staring at a chest or bed and talking to people. They move back after I click their line but then return to staring at the placeable when it’s their turn again.

Is there anything I can put in this script that’ll stop them reverting to talking to inanimate objects ?

Im not at my pc so forgive me if the script name isnt quite right…

Ga_face_target may be of use here. There is a parameter in this generic script to lock orientation. Hope this helps!

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MERP_UK… That worked, you had the right script name too without your PC so well done and many thanks.

Now my PC’s wont look like they’re sulking and refusing to face their companions !

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@Tsongo, I have a confession to make. I “stole” this script of yours from one of your modules when I did my first module about four years ago or so…and then someone, probably travus or aqvilinus pointed out to me to use the ga_face_target script. I use that all the time now…However, I’ve actually have instances when it didn’t work fully in dialogues. The PC tend to always face the right direction using this, but the companions don’t always follow this for some reason. I think it might one of those many mysteries that sometimes happens in a dialogue tree. I think I remember Lance Botelle having some issues, can’t remember what at the moment, with dialogues that never got solved. It just goes to show that NWN2 sadly is still pretty buggy in some regards.

EDIT: Another thing that I’ve noticed is pretty handy, is using iPoints when you really need the player or an NPC or companion to look a certain direction, but not at a specific object,


andgalf… It was a script done for me by PGB in 2007 ( it went in my first mod too ) and it’s probably my most used script. It’s usually fine but I just noticed it went wrong on talking to objects and face target worked really well.

Will I be faithful to my trusted script now that I can lock the facing and not have to put it on more conversation lines ? I don’t know, it’ll probably be a mix. Thanks for the tip but I’ve only used one ipoint in the past on a door and normally stick to conversations between people.

ps. I’m glad the script helped and I wouldn’t call it stealing it’s more of a borrow to put it to good use thing.

pps… 2007 ! What happened ? Why did I decide to make a massive module again ?

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Because it’s fun? :grinning: That’s why I do it.


andgalf… You’re right and it’s the only reason to do it.