Permadeath - Audiobook inspired by a RP Neverwinter Nights 1 PW [free, voice acted]

“Permadeath - The Haze” is a story I developed over time inspired by my experiences in a hardcore NWN1 permadeath story-driven role-playing community, now fully released in an audio-story format. It says a lot about the power role-playing, amongst other things. Free on youtube, I’d love for people from this wonderful community to listen to it and ‘hopefully’ enjoy it. It has some high quality voice acting and I did some voices as well (see credits) + artwork especially made for it + music & sound effects.


Do you have a .wav version that I can download with my podcasts for long drives? This sounds like a really cool project.

I just finished part one this is very good Val. I’ve given part one a thumbs up on YouTube. I will listen to the rest latter. Thank you for sharing this on the Vault, Val.

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Thanks @Greenman6220! :slightly_smiling_face: Glad you like it. Appreciate the feedback!
@GCoyote - Youtube to mp3 converter should do the trick for those long drive podcasts. :slightly_smiling_face: