Persistent Location Script not working with NWN:EE

I have used a persistent location script for years now but since loading the module on NWN:EE It no longer works. No error or anything, just not working. Any help would be appreciated.

void LodPlayer(object oPC)

string playnam = GetPCPlayerName(oPC);
location playloc = GetLocation(oPC);

    if(GetLocalInt(oPC, "load") <= 3){
        DelayCommand(3.0, AssignCommand(oPC, JumpToLocation(GetCampaignLocation("trimmelonLocations", playnam, oPC))));
        SetLocalInt(oPC, "load", 5);

void SavPlayer(object oPC) {

string playnam = GetPCPlayerName(oPC);
location playloc = GetLocation(oPC);

SetCampaignLocation("trimmelonLocations", playnam, playloc, oPC);


void SavAllPlayers() {


oPC = GetFirstPC();

while (oPC != OBJECT_INVALID) {
PrintString(“Saving all players: Found valid player”);

if (GetIsObjectValid(GetArea(oPC)) == TRUE) {


oPC = GetNextPC();


tis script will fail everytime you add or remove area in your module this isn’t nwn:ee issue

instead of storing full location, you need to store, tag, position and orientation and composite area from these informations on retrieval

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Shadooow thanks for the reply. I’m no where near being able to put that together. I was hoping to find something to plugin. Its been about 7 years since I’ve done anything with NWN, to say I’m rusty is an understatement. Is there anything I can do with a database item on the player to store their location so when they log back into the server (even after a server reset) they go back to where they were? Or is it best to do it with the NWN database?

The question you are asking would deserve its own tutorial to answer it properly for someone who is not experienced with NWN1, database, NWNX and scripting.

And I wrote quite a wall of text on this subject in other thread (only to be ignored by the OP) - read this post: Help with an on enter script

If you want exact code the best I can offer is to look into my persistent starter module, open it in toolset, find the code for storing location and copy it into your own module:

Thanks, I will look at the starter module. I checked the other thread you referenced as well.

Hey Birdman, if you still need that script I have one thats has been working fine for EE and works exactly as described above. Just hit me up on discord sometime and ill be glad to toss it to you and walk you through setting it up. Just toss me a credit someplace and ill be happy ^^

My discord is NightbladeCH#3912